3 Reasons Why Non-Profit Organizations Should Screen Volunteers

Non-profit organizations hire volunteers on a regular basis, ensuring business conduction and cost reduction.

Considering that most of the people volunteering choose to do so out of good will, is there really a reason to screen them? YES!

3 reasons why non-profit organizations should screen its volunteers.

1) They could be Criminally Insane

In recent times, crime has continued to threaten our way of life and the last thing any non-profit organization needs is a criminal working for them. While it is understandable that many people have served their time, it is easier not to take such a risk. But how would you know unless you screen them?

As such, screening your volunteers is the only way to do so. Not only do you find out who a person really is, you obtain their complete criminal record, allowing you to see whether they should be hired or not.

2) They could be a Registered Sex Offender

Sexual harassment is something taken very seriously in ever organization and is nothing to be laughed about. Many organizations go to great lengths to ensure such doesn’t occur in the office. While in some cases it is still occurs, you can easily reduce the chance that it does. All you have to do is screen the volunteers.

Registered sex offenders rarely find it easy to attain regular jobs. As such, they may turn to non-profit organizations. In order to ensure they do not penetrate it, they should be screened. Despite their good intentions, there is a chance that you may hear about a sexual harassment case in your organization. DO you really want to take the chance?

3) They May Not be Reliable

When hiring any sort of employee, one of the first thing employers look for is reliability. Credentials and past work job records can only tell you so much. When it comes to volunteers, the lack of a background check may lead to an unreliable employee. As such, it may hinder daily business activity. Therefore, screening volunteers helps you find out just how really is worth hiring.

While people may have good intentions when volunteering for a non-profit organization, you are, after all, running a business and like any organization, you require reliable, apt and worthwhile employees. The only way to ensure such is for nonprofit organizations to screen their volunteers.

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