ACUTRAQ Lends A Helping Hand By Screening Tenants

The place is looking almost brand-new and smelling nice. You’re all set and excited to put it up for rent. Although finding an ideal tenant can be cumbersome and, at times, a risky process. ACUTRAQ can help you streamline this process and select the best tenant for your investment. Before putting up your property for rent, what you ought to do is screen or evaluate your tenant’s eligibility to move in. Screening companies like ACUTRAQ determine if tenants are trustworthy and reliable or generally have any criminal record. In addition, screening companies take a look at the tenant’s previous rental history, credit history, any possible evictions, or court records, where applicable.

ACUTRAQ – Tenant Screening


Whether you’re an apartment manager or a landlord, ACUTRAQ lends a helping hand by screening tenants for you and offering a wide array of pricing options that are affordable and effective.

If you’re looking to have the safest environment possible to live in or have your tenants treat your property with respect and care, you can certainly rely on ACUTRAQ’s screening solutions. It all comes down to caring for communities and making them a cleaner, safer, and generally more livable environment for everybody.

As a rental property owner or manager, you’re tasked with choosing the right tenant as it can have a drastic effect on occupancy levels, bad debts, and compliance with regulations.  All these things have an effect on your ROI.

Let me tell you how some of ACUTRAQ’s services can prove to be valuable to landlords and property managers alike.

Employment Screening Verification

Employment verification specialists contact your tenant’s employer to verify certain information on a job application. This includes dates of employment, the last position held, and eligibility for rehire.

Criminal Background Check 

Many times, criminals will conduct their activity in rental properties. By checking an applicant’s criminal history, you are taking one more step to ensure the safety of neighbors and reduce liabilities.

Previous or Current Landlord Verification

A tenant background screening specialist will get in touch with the applicant’s current and previous landlord to obtain rental and payment history as well as residential status.

Credit Report

You can look at a prospective tenant’s credit history through a tenant background screening credit report. What you get is a credit summary, score, financial summary, public records, credit history, etc.

If tenants haven’t been paying their utilities or other debts, they will quite likely not pay the rent on time or not at all. This is considered one of the most vital processes of the tenant screening cycle.

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