Background Checks are a great addition to any HR Department

It is a sad but undeniable truth that not all applicants are honest when it comes to their resumes. Some people choose to omit inconvenient facts so as to present themselves in a better light, while others will use blatant lies to pad out less than stellar histories. Examples include but are not limited to lies about either their education or their experience, failures to provide relevant information, and even refusals to inform businesses of criminal convictions.

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How Background Checks Can Help HR Departments

For businesses, this is problematic because it leads to bad decision-making based on inaccurate information. Although some businesses are fortunate enough to come out with no noticeable consequences, others can suffer from poor performance, legal liabilities, and even irrecoverable blows to their reputation. In short, running background checks is not only important for finding the best candidates, but also important for businesses to protect themselves.

How ACUTRAQ Can Help HR Departments with Background Checks

Businesses interested in reaping the benefits from running background checks have to be thorough because the results are more reliable if more effort is put into them. However, having in-house HR personnel run background checks is an inefficient allocation of resources because it calls for specialized skills and resources. Although in-house HR personnel can pick up said skills and resources with sufficient practice, spending so much time on running background checks means removing them from other responsibilities in need of their expertise. In contrast, hiring more HR personnel to run background checks is both expensive and unwise because most businesses have no need for their services on a constant basis.

Instead, a simpler solution is to entrust background checks to a skilled and experienced specialist such as ACUTRAQ. Not only will our specialists produce more reliable results than most of their in-house counterparts, but they will also produce them in less time for a smaller price. In main, this is because our personnel are specialists, meaning that they have the resources with which to check up on the claims of candidates and understand the best methods with which to use them. Furthermore, since the cost of our specialists are spread between our clients, this means that it costs each of them less to use us than to hire HR personnel of their own. Combined, this makes ACUTRAQ a valuable tool for HR departments interested in outstanding results in exchange for a fair price.

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