Background Checks for Volunteers

employee-background-screeningIn a world where security is constantly in question, many organizations are choosing to run background checks on volunteers. It is a step that is necessary to protect the organization, the volunteers, and the recipients of their time and attention.

Protect the organization. Though a service organization, school district, church, or charity organization may only have great intentions of providing assistance to a group of people, sometimes things can go horribly wrong. By screening volunteers prior to them devoting their time, the organization can have peace of mind by knowing they are less likely to fall prey to any negligence claims or “bad press.” They will know and show others that safety is of top concern. The background checks will also help to ensure that the organization is in compliance with any state or federal guidelines. Volunteers should see the organization as more credible and responsible, thus providing a more desirable environment for volunteering than an organization that does not screen.

Protect the volunteers. Hopefully, knowing that all other volunteers are screened will give new volunteers peace of mind in knowing that they are in a safe place.

Protect the recipients of the benefits of the volunteers’ time and attention. Whether volunteers are helping to mentor students, devoting time to support cancer patients, working with children with special needs, assisting the elderly, or any other worthy cause, the recipients should be able to know that they are not in danger of being exposed to dangerous criminals or unsavory individuals who may take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where background checks are a necessity. Even those willing to volunteer time, money, or energy may not always have the best of motives. Background checks can assist in ensuring that all involved with an organization are as safe as possible.

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