Background Screening: Why use ACUTRAQ?

Why use ACUTRAQ? 

Many employers and CEOs do the right things when it comes to running their business: offer a superior product or service, make sure the logistics are in place, employ state-of-the-art infrastructure, hire an experienced marketing team, follow all the necessary regulatory and tax laws. All of that is so important to a company’s success. Yet some employers and leaders neglect the one crucial practice that not only protects their business or organization, but also helps it grow: a thorough background screening, which is our focus at ACUTRAQ Background Screening, Inc.

Background screenings protect all that you have toiled and sweated and worked for. All those years of dreaming and planning and designing a business or organization that perfectly meets the needs of your community could be put at risk by hiring not just the wrong people, but potentially harmful people. You want to hire exemplary employees and volunteers because they reflect you and your organization. You want employees who care about your company’s mission and have the personal characteristics to carry it out: diligence, intelligence, hard work, discretion, dedication. And on top of all that, you want to make sure your employees are trustworthy, that they will treat your property and information, as well as the property and information of your clients, with care and respect. ACUTRAQ offers background screenings that help protect your company’s or organization’s monetary interests and brand reputation.

What we offer 

ACUTRAQ Background Screening, Inc. provides you with accurate, easy-to-read, background-screening reports to help you make the right decision when it comes to potential employees, volunteers, tenants, or anyone else who could make or break your security or reputation. We offer employee and volunteer screening, tenant background checks, personal background checks, special reports, and bilingual support. We have no annual fees, no click fees, no membership fees, no monthly minimums, and no hidden costs.

ACUTRAQ background screening reports are accurate and easy to read.
ACUTRAQ background screening reports are accurate and easy to read.

Personal background check includes:  

A social trace, multi-state criminal background check, 50-state sex offender search, FBI & DEA Most Wanted check, and Office of Foreign Asset Control search.

Tenant screening includes: 

Credit report; National and State eviction checks; current and prior property owner verification; employment verification; property search; direct payroll verification; IRS income tax return verification; resident score; social media screening; The Green Report; and searches of: federal criminal records, alias multi-state criminal checks, and sex offender registry.

Employee and volunteer screening includes: 

E-Verify; searches of federal criminal records, alias multi-state criminal checks, county criminal checks, sex offender registry; motor vehicle report; IRS income tax return verification; direct payroll verification; social media screening; education and employment verification; 10-panel drug testing; pre-employment credit report; social security number verification; and several other important screenings.

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Give us a call 888.361.7036, visit us on social media, or shoot us an email.   ACUTRAQ has over 70 years in combined experience partnering with diverse organizations to safeguard their investments. Background screening is not just another service to us – we help businesses and organizations work smarter and grow faster. Earning the trust of over 12,400 satisfied customers, we help employers, property managers, property owners, community organizations and many others get the crucial information they need to make the right decision. We provide fast, accurate reports to you and your organization – Because We Care.

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