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Online Application for Employers – HR Managers Love It!

We are excited to announce the launch of our online application for employers!!! Applicants can apply quickly, efficiently, and the application and background check are all in one central location. We specialize in streamlining the application and background ...
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Employee Drug Screening in Northwest Arkansas

The key to a successful program regarding employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is to have clear policies. Carefully craft your policies and you will protect yourself, your company, your customers, and clients. Many businesses find that ...
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Tenant Screening Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tenant screening Fayetteville, Arkansas, is essential to ensuring the safety of your investment. Your tenant screening makes sure you have quality tenants in your property. What will tenant screening tell you? Contact with previous landlords. Acutraq ...
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Background Check in South Florida: Should I Run My Own ?

We have discussed previously how to check your own background, but we would like to talk today about why you should run your own background check in South Florida, or in any location. There are a ...
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