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Tenant Screening – How to Get Applicants to Pay

As a landlord, your job is to provide a home to any respectable tenant who meets your requirements. However, when prospective tenants are looking for a home, why should you, the landlord, pay for a ...
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What You Need to Know About Tenant Screening

Before putting up their house on rent, landlords often screen or evaluate their tenants’ eligibility to move into the rental through a screening process. A screening company is typically hired to decide whether or not ...
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Benefits of Employee Background Screening

Potential employees might think that a positive phone call is enough to make them shoo-ins for the positions that they apply for but that is hardly ever the case. Employers don’t even think of hiring ...
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Consent Based Social Verification

The most accurate way to retrieve identity information is by Consent Based Social Verification, or CBSV. This method searches an individuals identity by verifying the applicants information with the Social Security Administration Master file and ...
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