Can I get my criminal history off my record?

The number one question we receive when speaking with applicants is, “How can I get my past criminal history off my record?” This comes up in a number of different scenarios, most often when applying for a job or an apartment. Whether it is renting a house or volunteering at church, most places will conduct a criminal check before you are allowed to qualify. 

Can I completely remove criminal history from my record? The short answer is NO

The reason is because many large databases called a “National Criminal Database” or a  “Multistate Criminal Database” may store or save information prior to the final disposition (result of each charge). There are a wide variety of these databases available on the internet, most are outdated and can put many workplaces and communities at risk. The outdated information these criminal databases provide are one of the main reasons employers are held to a different standard than a landlord. Employers are suppose to use the most accurate information available to make their decision, this is found at the court house in the county the offense happened. Landlords can use a national database solely for their decision.

Can I get my criminal history expunged, or sealed at the County Court Level ? YES  *this may not reflect on the national databases

Upon qualifying and receiving an expungment or sealed criminal record, you will need to keep proof of this readily available. In the event someone is able to find your criminal history, proof of the revised disposition will be needed.

This means if an employer finds criminal history on the national database, and the county court disposition shows it to be expunged or sealed, they must act like the criminal record never existed when making their hiring or promotion decision. When using an outside background screening company like ACUTRAQ, the employer would never see an expunged or sealed criminal record making it more fair for the applicant.




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