Tenant Screening for Apartment Managers – The Peace It Can Bring In Your Life!

If you are a property and apartment managers, there is a very heavy responsibility on their shoulders.  You are hired to take care of what might be someone’s most valuable asset. While mangers always try their best to rent the apartment to the most appropriate candidate, mistakes and misjudgment are not uncommon. The consequences of even the smallest mistake can sometimes be unimaginably devastating. However, you can chose play it safer with proper tenant screening. […]

Why Choose ACUTRAQ for Employment Screening?

Finding the right in-house resource for a particular job is more difficult than finding a highly qualified and experienced professional. Besides education and qualifications, there are numerous other aspects that define a prospect’s suitability and eligibility for the job. What if you end up hiring a person who suffers from a psychological disorder or attitude problem that negatively affects the team work and productivity? What if you end up hiring a former criminal who hasn’t mended his/her way yet? […]

ACUTRAQ Lends A Helping Hand By Screening Tenants

The place is looking almost brand-new and smelling nice. You’re all set and excited to put it up for rent. Although finding an ideal tenant can be a cumbersome, at times, a risky process; Acutraq makes this process almost pain-free.

Before putting up your property for rent, what you ought to do is screen or evaluate your tenant’s eligibility to move in. Screening companies like Acutraq determine if a tenant is trustworthy and reliable, or generally has any criminal record. In addition, screening companies take a look at the tenant’s previous rental history, credit history, any possible evictions or court records, where applicable. […]

Get Your Volunteers’ Background Checked

Innumerable volunteers give several hours to noble causes on a daily basis. They coach young kids, read to preschoolers, train youth sports, participate in church’s activities, change bedpans, arrange and serve meals, provide disaster support, and perform various other duties. The only difference between paid workers and volunteers is that the latter are not paid for the tasks they perform. […]