How Do I Check My Own Background?

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Are you asking yourself, “How do I check my own background?”

When applying for a job, rental unit, volunteer position, etc., it can help to know what information they will find. You can pull your own background check from a number of different sources. Before spending a bunch of money on the internet it can help to know about the different sources and where an employer or landlord will look for background information. Most of the pop up sites on the internet are taking your money and giving back bogus information, for better results use a reputable company.

Criminal History is split up between the following:
*These are all the different databases where criminal records may be stored:

  • Federal Database
  • State Database
  • County/District Courts
  • Municipal Courts
  • National Database

*For individuals we offer a National Database search which includes records from Counties, States, Administrative Office of the Courts, the Department of Corrections, Terrorists Watch List, Most Wanted, and other various sources. These national databases are a good tool but can be outdated and inaccurate at times, therefore most employers will verify any information they find at the county court level.

It is a good idea to contact your local city and county to get a background check from them along with the National Criminal Search above.

Most employers will run a county court criminal search for counties lived and worked in the past 7 years, along with this they will run a National Criminal Check for a broader search. Depending on the type of position a Federal or Municipal Criminal search, driving record, drug test, or other information may be required.

Landlords will most commonly run a National Criminal Check and Credit Report when leasing rental property. Employers are held to much stricter guidelines when using background checks to make a decision.


The only place an individual should go to run their own personal credit report is: – this is a free service you should take advantage of every year. It does not give you a credit score but will let you see your trade lines and give you the opportunity to dispute any information that may be outdated or wrong. Most background screening companies are allowed to sell credit reports to landlords and employers but are not authorized to sell credit reports to individuals.

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