Why Choose ACUTRAQ for Employment Screening?

Finding the right in-house resource for a particular job is more difficult than finding a highly qualified and experienced professional. Besides education and qualifications, there are numerous other aspects that define a prospect’s suitability and eligibility for the job. What if you end up hiring a person who suffers from a psychological disorder or attitude problem that negatively affects teamwork and productivity? What if you end up hiring a former criminal who hasn’t mended his/her way yet?

Hiring the wrong person means wasting your time as well as your money. That is why smart businesses now ensure proper employment screening before hiring. However, not all employees are created equal, neither are all employee screening tests the same. A poor screening test may waste as much of your time and money as hiring the wrong resource. That is where ACUTRAQ comes to the rescue.

The Whats and Whys of ACUTRAQ Employment Screening

ACUTRAQ provides comprehensive employment screening services designed to help you find the diamond in the haystack. It was one of the earliest arrivers in the industry, and while the competition has become really tough now, ACUTRAQ manages to maintain its lead.

Due to its track record of success, a large number of organizations choose to trust ACUTRAQ. Since the company’s actual job is to clear out all the doubts and confusion that obstruct decision-making, let us explain why you should decide to trust ACUTRAQ.

Comprehensive Employment Screening

ACUTRAQ does not limit its screening to automated sorting of resumes. It offers a comprehensive screening service that includes criminal record checks, drug tests, credit reports, and various other records. The comprehensive screening ensures that your candidate possesses the right qualification and has the highest moral and ethical values. Moreover, the company also helps its client stay in compliance with statutory and federal regulations.

Cost-effective and Customizable

The whole point of proper screening is to save both time as well as money. In short, it is all about the value that is delivered. To maximize the value for every client, ACUTRAQ is one of the few screening companies that allow complete customization of their service packages. Clients have the freedom to streamline the services to fit their pocket and their organization’s needs. Furthermore, the company also offers volume discounts.

A Broader Vision

Last but not least, it is the company’s vision that truly sets it apart from the competition. Unlike other screening service companies, ACUTRAQ was founded with a goal that goes beyond the benefit of the company or its clients. ACUTRAQ’s vision focuses on the greater good, and its efforts are geared toward establishing safety and peace in the community. Committed to the cause, ACUTRAQ has always employed the latest technologies and the most proficient resources to achieve their goals and help the clients achieve theirs.

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