Why Conduct Background Checks?

On a global level, in many businesses, back ground screening is becoming a standard practice. On the lookout to alleviate risks, organizations believe the background checks enable them to do so in an easy, effective manner by opting to partner with a recognized provider for background screening like ACUTRAQ, employers can reap certain benefits including:


  • Increased security of organizational assets – Minimize the likelihood of corporate espionage or theft with the help of carefully conducted background screening. In certain localities, you’re also obligated by law to screen for potential employees that belong to foreign or domestic disqualification categories.
  • Promotion of Safety – Diminish the likelihood of violence at your work place by running background checks for past or present criminal behavior which will help to clarify the character and history or all prospective employees and applicants.
  • Hiring and Selecting the Best – Background checks and screening helps identify and establish candidates that are qualified to hold the position they applied for. By weeding out dishonest candidates, you can establish a workforce of trustworthy individuals.
  • Avoid costs (long-term) – On-boarding and recruiting can be rather expensive processes. By opting to screen employees, you successfully reduce turnover by only selecting properly qualified individuals for certain positions. You can also look for certain red flags such as absenteeism or a history of poor work performance which can become costly charges on a long term, when screening or reviewing their previous work history.
  • Maintain a Good Reputation: Background screening enables organizations to maintain a good reputation by making sure that there are no hiring mistakes that could escalate into a PR disaster.
  • Build Trust Within – Performing background screening makes sure that you’re committed to safety, integrity and other values that help emphasize the faith that your current employees have in your organization.
  • Safeguarding Against Litigations of Negligent Retention/Hiring – Employers can be at risk in some countries where an employee who poses a threat to the people around them resides. For example: If an employee attacks a co-worker and showcases a history for such behavior, it’s possible your organization will be held accountable. By running pre-employment screening checks, you can defend your organization and demonstrate due diligence.

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