Delta Variant

Many companies are looking forward to those sense of routine now that workplaces are reopening following a seemingly unending coronavirus outbreak. However, the highly contagious Delta variation looms, prompting fears of a COVID-19 variant that has resulted in lockdowns in other nations.

Some fears have been allayed by preliminary findings that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations effectively against the Delta strain. However, some employers are concerned that more infectious, vaccine-resistant versions might exacerbate already tense workplaces where some employees are vaccinated while others are not, according to Darlene Claubault, SHRM-CP, Sr. human resources editor @ J.J. Keller and or associates in Wisconsin.

Under the Occupational-Health and Safety Act, I have to keep my people safe,” she explained, “but what if another variation emerges that is stronger, and the vaccinations aren’t as effective?” So, what do I have now? ‘You have unvaccinated people who put others at risk,’ someone could say. It all depends on how effectively we can keep the infection under control.

Some people may believe the infection has been contained. According to the SHRM/Lucid poll, 85 percent of U.S. employees who work in person feel confident in their safety. According to the report, just about 10% of businesses operate entirely remotely.

However, according to Bertoncini, many people who haven’t yet returned to work are nervous about doing so, and news of new variations adds to the anxiety.

Some people think it is too soon to return to work, while others lack childcare or don’t want to be among unvaccinated people. “Even if they have been vaccinated, some individuals are quite anxious about that exposure,” Bertoncini added.

The possibility of the Delta and other variations escalating tensions between those who have been vaccinated and those who have opted not to be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons.

Bertoncini said he is receiving complaints from businesses about workplace difficulties, with some employees being hostile toward those who have not been vaccinated and many others making fun of those who wear masks. He claims that many of the debates are polarized along political lines.

Employers should act and prevent any potentially harassing behavior, he says. “Regardless of the cause for the argument, the normal solution here is to look at your ordinary workplace regulations that forbid that type of behavior,” he added. “We’re going to be polite to one another. It’s comparable to the kinds of squabbles that erupt throughout every election season.”

Travel advisories might be reintroduced if the Delta variety spreads further, said Ann-Marie Ahern, an employment attorney with Lebit, McCarthy, Crystal & Liffman Co. in Cleveland. For ex. she envisions a future in which companies compel employees who go to areas where the Delta strain is prevalent, such as Alabama and Utah, to isolate or take a COVID-19 test before returning to work.


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