Free Tenant Screening For Landlords and Agents

Why Did Transunion Partner with ACUTRAQ?

1. 100% Free Tenant Screening For Landlords and Agents.
2. ACUTRAQ has 20+ years of experience
3. ACUTRAQ offers landlord and employer verifications
4. ACUTRAQ still believes in customer service.
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What is Free Tenant Screening For Landlords and Agents?

Tenant Screening For Landlords (TSFL) was formed to create a solution for Real Estate Agents and Home Based Landlords. The large property management firms and brokers have been accessing background checks for years. In the past to run an applicant’s credit report, it was required to have a commercial location, permanent business sign, and an onsite visit by the credit bureau’s agent or agency of choice. Let’s be realistic, if you have one rent house a commercial location is not needed to manage your property. An agent or landlord can literally do everything from a laptop while sitting in their living room. ACUTRAQ Background Screening partnered with Transuion Credit Bureau to bring TSFL to the market. The best part is, it’s free for the requesting landlord or agent. Not only do they have access to Credit Reports, Criminal Reports, Eviction Reports, but also landlord and employer verifications. Our competitors on other platforms are unable to provide the level of service that TSFL offers. We look forward to growing and working with agents and landlords all across our great nation.

Who is ACUTRAQ Background Screening, Inc.?

ACUTRAQ Background Screening, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Jeannie Baker. The business is family owned and operated and we still believe in offering great customer service. We will continue to provide solutions such as Free Tenant Screening For Landlords and Agents. We are knowledgeable and understand what landlords deal with on a daily basis. ACUTRAQ does not just give advice, we are rental property owners ourselves and take pride in help landlords and agents get a return on their investment. 

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