Free Tenant Screening, Free Website, Free Software

  • Do you need a reputable source for Tenant screening?
  • Do you need a website to advertise your vacancies?
  • Do you need the right software to manage your properties?
  • Do you want these to be all in one easy to use system?
  • Do you want it to be affordable, like free?

If you answered yes you’re ready, it cost nothing to check it out: Click Here

In the past is have been nearly impossible for a home based landlord to have these management tools. We have revolutionized how to manage your rental property. With the ACUTRAQ Rental Toolbox you’ll have every resource mentioned and much more. There is no cost to sign up.

How Is This Free?

Your applicant will pay an application fee to cover your cost.

Is It Standard Procedure to Charge the Applicant?

Yes, by charging the applicant an “application fee” you can begin to qualify your applicant immediately.

If the applicant cannot afford to fill out the application, my question is can they afford to rent your property?

How Does the Website Work?

The free website is an actual website that you can customize with your information and property photos.

This allows you to have a home base when placing ads on various sites, by linking back to your website applicants can view full details and feel secure when applying.

This will set you apart from other home based landlords and give you the professional look you deserve.

This is for all types of landlords, whether you’re tech savvy or not, we are here to help. This platform will give you the easiest way to maintain your property. Click Here

User Friendly Dashboard


Imagine What Your New Free Website Can Look Like

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