Get Your Volunteers’ Background Checked

Innumerable volunteers give several hours to noble causes on a daily basis. They coach young kids, read to preschoolers, train youth sports, participate in church activities, change bedpans, arrange and serve meals, provide disaster support, and perform various other duties, which is why you need to know their criminal background history. The only difference between paid workers and volunteers is that the latter are not paid for the tasks they perform.

Volunteers Background Screening

However, in today’s security-conscious atmosphere, non-profits, medical centers, schools, and other organizations have to execute their responsibilities while safeguarding the vulnerable people being served. After all, horror stories regarding individuals who abuse kids or elderly people have made people a little suspicious about such organizations. Thus, it is important to screen out corrupt individuals without alienating honest, dedicated volunteers.

Why Screen Volunteers?

Many organizations conduct background checks on volunteers for the same reasons a hiring company screens its job applicants. The primary intention is to authenticate identity and provide details. Such checks also enable organizations to avoid various potential issues, particularly those that could arise due to an untold criminal record.

Here’s a shocking fact about child abuse: Strangers commit only about five percent of such crimes. This implies there is a much greater possibility that a family member, friend, or acquaintance might be the real offender. Non-profit organizations, churches, or youth sports centers are responsible for offering protection to their members or clients. And this starts with effective volunteer background checks.

Learn More About Your Volunteer

Your organization may want to check a volunteer’s driving record if he is responsible for driving kids to other locations. Or check the credit history of a person who manages your organization’s finances. Though a majority of background checks emphasize the record of criminal activities, it is also possible to check out other particulars to obtain an extensive picture of the concerned individual.  A volunteer’s background check can provide you with:

  • Criminal Records
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Social Media Screening
  • Payroll Information
  • Driving records from the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Alcohol and drug test results

Executing background checks for volunteers may appear a little overwhelming, but they are definitely worth the effort. After all, you would never want to endanger your young or elderly clients or jeopardize your organization’s reputation, would you? All in all, when it comes to hiring volunteers, it is always better for an organization to be safe than sorry.

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