Hair Drug Test

Several options exist on the market for accurate screening methods, yet the hair drug test remains one of the best options for a noninvasive and difficult to skew method. Its accuracy is what attracts interest from the corporate world, as follicle examinations have been recognized by the scientific community as effective enough to use for forensic evidence and in judicial hearings. It can expose the most dangerous substances like PCP, LSD and methamphetamine, along with more common drugs like alcohol and marijuana.

The greatest asset follicle screening holds is its window of detection. This is something that can vary from person to person, but this particular method can detect the use of illicit substances from up to 90 days from initial use. Further, because the follicles can be collected from anywhere on the subject’s body, and that hair can grow at differing lengths and times, scientists estimate that some substances can be detected from as far as an entire year from initial consumption.

A hair drug test is also better for employees, as everything is collected onsite and can even work on employees without hair on their head. It’s much less invasive than other forms of screening, like urine and blood samples. This also benefits the employer by minimizing costs that would be included on other methods of screenings.

There are a couple disadvantages to this method, however. Though it can detect a wide spectrum of substances, it has trouble targeting a few things? LSD, tricyclic antidepressants and steroid chief among them. Most employers aren’t usually looking for these, though, so a follicle exam can be the front line of defense against substance abuse among applicants.

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