THANKSGIVING 2021 – How to stay safe and protect the loved ones.

Post-pandemic Thanksgiving and how to stay safe and protect our loved ones.

Here’s one thing to be thankful for this year: It’s not Thanksgiving 2020. A year ago vaccines had not yet been approved, daily deaths were rising sharply — surging to more than 2,000 a day by December — and many Americans hunkered down and skipped holiday celebrations to reduce their risks.

While many of us are ready to reboot our holiday traditions, COVID cases are once again rapidly climbing — with nearly 95,000 new cases a day. Experts warn we still need to keep COVID risk-reduction in mind. Even if your family is fully vaccinated, remember your most vulnerable family members, particularly people over 80 or the immunocompromised, are still at higher risk of severe COVID.

Nearly two years into this pandemic, we’ve learned a lot about how to reduce the risks of catching and spreading this virus, including the simple steps of masking and hand-washing. Let’s not forget now.

Here are some reminders for how to keep your family gatherings safe.

If you’re gathering with grandparents or other elders, realize: They’re still at risk

Reality check: People over 80 have an elevated risk of dying from COVID, even if they’re vaccinated

While the vaccines offer strong protection against hospitalization and death, breakthrough infections are a reality. Often, a coronavirus infection following vaccination leads to only mild illness, and sometimes people test positive but show no symptoms at all. However, older people and those with compromised immune systems are at higher risk of getting a severe breakthrough COVID case.

How to stay safe?

Get a booster shot if you’re eligible.

Rapid tests can protect your guests.

Think carefully about how to include unvaccinated family members.

Take precautions if your young child is unvaccinated or has only had one shot.

Clean visibly dirty surfaces with household cleaners containing soap or detergent before disinfecting if your disinfectant product does not have a cleaning agent.

Nevertheless, ACUTRAQ family would like to wish you a heartwarming thanks to you for the hope, peace and joy that you bring to our lifes.

We hope that you’re surrounded with the love of your dear ones on this festive season.


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