iCup Drug Test

There are certainly many options available to corporate employers in regards to screening kits; however the iCup drug test satisfies the best of both worlds with accuracy and ease of use. The package is all-encompassing, allowing the administrator to, without any special equipment or medical training, quickly and efficiently analyze the results of a prospective client just minutes after receiving the completed process.

The kit itself is comprised of a simple container for specimen collection, along with plenty of literature to allow the administrator to educate themselves of the procedure, as well as provide concise steps to the subject on how to go about the process. More importantly, included with the container is the built-in SVT strip, which can check for multiple elements such as pH levels, oxidants and temperature ? all in an effort to stifle any means of adulteration of the specimen.

The speed in which the iCup drug test can detect illicit substances is another advantage to this all-in-one method of screening. Only minutes after the subject has provided the specimen, the administrator can use the provided color chart comparison guide to quickly conclude whether or not the test is valid and if there are any illicit substances recorded. Though this particular kit is all-inclusive, it is still recommended that employers send the provided photocopy-ready paper along with the specimen results to an accredited laboratory for further confirmation.

Since all materials can be stored within the boundaries of room temperature, companies can save money on refrigeration costs that other types of screening methods may require. Aside from ease of use, the most important facet of this method is its accuracy, able to detect many substances at once, from alcohol to methamphetamine.

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