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Wait! Who did you let in?

If you manage a human resource department, or you currently own a business, you understand the need to know everything legally possible about potential employees; and Little Rock employee screens for in home technicians are just as important! Household employees and technicians that make house calls have access to EVERYTHING! Meaning your most important possessions, prescription medications, jewelry, and most important, your family. Always find out everything you can to ensure your family’s safety. Here are some things a background check can reveal about potential household employees; including housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, pet or house sitters, personal assistants, contractors, and more.

What should I Search For?

  • Criminal history – obviously, this is one of the most important things to consider when considering hiring someone to work in your home. You do not want your family or possessions to be in danger.
  • Sex offender search – Even though this could be included in criminal history, a separate search will ensure that a sexual offense does not go unnoticed.
  • Aliases and social history – find out any aliases the party has used, as well as where they have lived, past married names, and more. Career criminals know that by slightly changing their name or birthday they can potentially hide their criminal history. Many names like Bob/Robert; Kathy/Katherine; Jennifer/Jenny; etc; can be used as name variations to throw off the system if a Social Trace is not used.
  • Terrorist watch list – find out if anyone entering your home to work is on any terrorist watch lists.
Who is in my house?
Who is in my house?

These are just the basics of a Little Rock employee screens. The fact is criminal history can be retrieved many places such as City Records, County Records, State Records, Federal Records, and other places depending on the location and circumstance of the arrest and conviction. By using a company such as ACUTRAQ you can know how to use and where to access this type of information to get the best value for your money. More in depth checks can be arranged. Do not leave your safety and the safety of your family and possessions to chance.

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