The Purpose Of Medical Testing Kits

What has traditionally been relegated to the professional laboratories, the use of medical testing kits for small and large businesses alike who have a wide-spectrum of needs is slowly replacing the more timely and inefficient ways of the past. Since many of these types of products are all-inclusive, companies have a wide variety of different options when choosing which is right for their hiring process. If only to keep tabs on the current illicit substances in one’s body, the manufacturers of these products have created many ways of procuring and reading the results of these types of setups, and are they are made to be as convenient as possible.

Almost all of these types of products are either FDA approved or FDA cleared, with enough substantiality to hold up in court as empirical evidence. Again, the wide variety of different screening setups, from standard drug screens, to more complex disease packages, is what makes this option much more appealing than relegating prospective candidates to a third-party laboratory when everything could be accomplished in-house.

The most common of the medical testing kits is the urine drug screen. This is the flagship product of most companies and provides a very broad array of different drugs that are currently in the system of the user, though it does not include the amount. The hair follicle screening setup is another popular choice. The main appeal is that hair follicle screening can find minute traces of several substances from over 3 months after initial ingestion.

Other, less common products include HIV screening setups and similar other disease screening products. All and all, the advent of these products for nearly every business is quickly replacing the once ubiquitous transmissions to the local laboratory or office to find the results.

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