What is a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and How Does It Help Employers?

MVR stands for  Motor Vehicle Record and is a record that is required by potential employers. The record is part of an employee’s pre-employment background screening process and is usually carried out if the job in question includes driving responsibilities.

Why is Looking up a Motor Vehicle Record Necessary?

An employer cannot trust a person who has multiple DUI charges against him in his Motor Vehicle Record. Not only would this be a dangerous prospect for the clients of the company it could affect the company’s integrity as a trustworthy service. A potential employee who has a history of driving under the influence or after taking drugs will not be a viable candidate and will probably be slashed off as a worthy applicant.

However, not all convictions are readily available through a simple court record check. In some states a motor vehicle check is required in order for an employer to ensure whether an applicant has a clean record.  The value of such a record is evident. An extensive Motor Vehicle Record includes useful info such as accidents, revocations, license suspensions, insurance lapses, traffic violations and even unanswered or unpaid summons.

Why would all of these count? A person who has a habit of running a red light will have no qualms about doing it again especially if your company depends on timely services and he runs late. The same goes for license suspensions and unpaid summons. Why was he summoned in the first place? Was he involved in a hit and run? These are some concerns that are part and parcel of a company’s employee screening process and should not be taken lightly by potential applicants who wish to work for them.  People’s lives are at stake and a service will never put them in jeopardy. Issues such as insurance lapses are a cause for concern as well.

Some employers hire companies to do their Motor Vehicle Record checks for them. Free checks are not advisable since they might only be scams. They might also provide little to no info on the person whom they are checking either neither will they have the legal right to do so.

Remember, information that is acquired this way should not be free of charge. In other words, companies have to make up for the time and resources that they spend acquiring such info. The best part is that they will be willing to accommodate your budget as well and offer you competitive pricing.

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