Multifamily Tenant Screening and Lease Generation

Multifamily Tenant Screening and Lease Generation

Do you ever feel like there is too much to carry? The multifamily environment can be fast paced and requires long hours. Implementing the tools and resources that are available may help streamline many operations and save you hours of time.

For instance, if you are still using a paper application then your process is already too long. We understand in certain instances, elderly and non tech persons may feel more comfortable with a paper application. But for the most part everyone would rather fill out the application on their smartphone, tablet or computer. By having the application accessible applicants can apply, pay for the background check, and secure the home off the market much faster.

Our solutions also include the options for tenant screening and automatic lease generation. The process that took hours in the past, can be reduced to minutes, all managed in one central location. Our automatic lease generation uses your current lease. We upload your current lease into our system, plug in your information (you always have the option to make changes at any time), and auto fill the applicants information. Once you have approved the lease, it’s ready to print, and sign.

The full process is as follows:

  1. Applicant applies online and pays the application feemultifamily tenant screening and leasing
  2. Background Check is completed automatically
  3. Landlord receives application and background check
  4. Landlord Approves or Denies Applicant
  5. Upon approval landlords clicks, “Generate Lease”

The process has never been easier. With the technology we have today, your leasing process can be a great experience for applicants and managers.

Contact us today for more information regarding multifamily tenant screening and lease generation. Our packages include everything you will need to increase efficiency, and help you make a better decision when leasing.

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