Online Application for Employers – HR Managers Love It!

We are excited to announce the launch of our online application for employers!!! Applicants can apply quickly, efficiently, and the application and background check are all in one central location.

We specialize in streamlining the application and background screening process. For large companies our online application can be set up individually for each physical location. Upon the applicant submitting their application it will be sent to a queue in which the designated person for that location can opt to push it through for background, or hold it in case the position is filled ahead of them. This queue offers a quick and easy platform for the HR Manager to order and view background screening reports.

Once the applications are submitted, the HR Manager can select the applications that have been offered a position and click “Order”. Once this is clicked for the background check we proceed and get started right away. I placed an example of what each location’s page might look like. If each location has a different HR manager we can accommodate that as well. We can also set it up so when the applicant clicks apply now, they only see the available positions for that location.

It is our goal to make a user friendly experience for the applicant and the person managing applications. We are flexible with pricing and want to create a package that meets your needs and budget.


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