Pet Sitter Screening

Pet Sitters and Background checks

DotieMore and more pet parents are opting for pet sitting services these days, rather than boarding their furry friends when they leave town or are away at work. Many of the companies that provide this type of service are screening their employees, others are not. Screening any employee is important, but pet sitting services put employees in the unique position of being alone in a client’s home, and it is essential for the success of the business to use some kind of pet sitter screening that is compliant and covers the different areas criminal history may be found.

Because pet sitters are constantly in client homes and dealing directly with customers, it is essential to run a thorough background check on each potential employee. Pet sitter screening should include at least a criminal check with the applicant’s current city/county court, and federal court. Ideally, it should go back to residences for the last 7 years.

There is not a central place to search all this information for a pet sitter screening. ACUTRAQ can help you run the checks you need and find the information you need to make an informed decision at the time of hire or promotion.

Not only do you need to run the checks, there may be additional verification’s needed if some adverse information is discovered by running the background check. Particularly if you are going to base a hiring decision on any information you find, you must verify anything you find at the county court or federal court in which the offense occurred.

Your clients have entrusted you with their furry friends, have trusted you in their homes and with all their other belongings. A thorough pet sitter screening is the very least that can be done to protect a pet sitting business and all its clients and customers. ACUTRAQ can provide a thorough background check at an affordable rate. Give us a call at 888-361-7036 or email [email protected] if we can help you with any kind of pet sitter screening.

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