Healthcare Pre-Employment Screening

Screening services for healthcare professionals.

Don’t let your patients and co-workers fall victim to criminals?

The information we provide is what sets us apart.

Since 1998 smart companies trust ACUTRAQ to deliver cost efficient screening solutions.

ACUTRAQ is one of the leading providers of sanctions content derived from thousands of sources in an easy to use and easy to read format.

Is your company FCRA Compliant?

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  • You could be at risk!
  • The cost of a background check is significantly less than hiring a bad employee!

Know Compliance – No Litigation

*Custom Packages Available For These Great Solutions:

  • Multi State Criminal Search
  • 50 State Sex Offender Registry
  • Social Trace – addresses, yr and state issued
  • Consent Based Social Validation(CBSV)
  • County Criminal Search
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Employment Credit Report (Must pertain to job)
  • IRS Income Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • License Verification
  • E-Verify/I-9
  • Medical Sanctions (OIG, GSI, etc.)
  • GPS Commercial Vehicle Tracking
  • Accurate Personality Profiles (handwriting analysis, not questionnaire)
  • Drug Testing – Nearest Lab Corp
  • Instant Drug Testing Cups – custom quotes