Volunteer Background Checks

Search court dockets for any civil litigation involving your volunteer in either upper & lower (Superior or Municipal) county courthouses.

Volunteer Background Checks Include:

  • Criminal data information on the full name and/or alternate names used by the volunteer:
  • Dates at listed addresses
  • Validity of the SSN provided, age/date of birth
  • County Criminal Searches (when applicable)
  • Information to help make the right choice when qualifying volunteers

Package 1: $15.00 – Multi State Criminal and Sex offender Search (alias names included)

Package 2: $29.95 – Multi State Criminal and Sex Offender Search, County of Residence, and Verify positive hits at county in which the criminal offense occurred.

Volunteer background checks will:

  • Help protect your non-profit organization by reducing liabilities
  • Improve the safety of an organization
  • Help prevent negative public relations

An ACUTRAQ report will provide the crucial information you need to make informed decisions about your volunteer staff. Your legal counsel will appreciate knowing all of ACUTRAQ’s reports are handled in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements.

Sex Offenders and predators seek places like schools, churches, and other functions in which they are able to secure positions of trust. These situations can provide close contact with children or other unsuspecting victims. It is also becoming more common in situations where a volunteer can damage an organization’s reputation.

Online access provides a user friendly work space that delivers the results you need.

Our Criminal Search in known for finding records in the coverage gaps that are often overlooked. You can better cover your organization by uncovering criminal records in most areas across the nation. Order with just a few simple pieces of information, such as: Volunteer’s Full Name; Date of Birth; SSN.

Nursery workers, Sunday school teachers, transportation volunteers, ushers, lot attendants, etc.
Senior Day Cares:
It is crucial to have good, trustworthy volunteers when working with elderly
Activities coordinators and other aides are often left alone with patients
Sports organizations:
In addition to coaches and trainers, all volunteers should be screened
Tax-preparation centers:
Even those who do not charge for assistance need to screen volunteer preparers who have access to sensitive financial data

Gain access today and you will receive an immediate, easy-to-read report. If criminal history is found it will identify criminal activity along with offense and descriptions.