Smart Home Automation For Investment Property


Smart home automation is quickly becoming the standard in homes across America. Rentals are no different as 86% of Millennials and 65% of baby boomers would pay more in rent for smart home (a wakefield study). This  technology and automation are also helping property managers become more efficient as well as protect owner assets.


Owners benefit from Key Free systems with our 6 digit code locks and the value of saving money having spend on re-keys, instead just only needing to re-code!


Also with smart thermostats, property managers are able to set temperature limits to protect abuse of the system from tenants saving $100s and $1,000s in HVAC/Furnace repairs/replacements. Also auto-temperature settings during vacancies save owners $50-$200+ during each vacant period by preventing running unnecessary utility while no one is living there.


Finally, with the average water damage insurance claim coming in at $6,995, PointCentral water leak detectors prevent BIG TICKET fixes! Also owners can check with their insurance providers as many give discounts for these being on the property.
It has been estimated that with preventing re-key savings, utility management and water leak prevention, the return on investment can be over $4,500 in only a 5 year rental period!
What’s also great is instant equity immediately following install as homes equipped with smart home systems can appreciate up to 5% but even being VERY conservative at 0.5% according to a Zillow Study a $150,000 house can appreciate $750+, more than the costs of product & install.
PointCentral is the leading provider in the industry for smart home systems built for property managers. It’s a wholly owned subsidiary of which has over 20 years experience and product development.
For more information, call Mark Brandt at 864-770-3909 or email him at [email protected] who has 5 years experience serving property managers and landlords and is a rep for PointCentral. He has also served on the National Association of Residential Property Manager’s Texas Conference Committee.
Written by:

Mark K Brandt

National Account Manager

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