Have you ever asked yourself, Do I really need to do a Social Media Background Screening on the applicant?

When it comes to effectively running a business, background screening is a vitally important element for employers who are screening prospective employees and for property managers screening potential residents.

According to a recent report from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and, it is evident that 94% of employers conducted at least one type of background screening, while 73% of employers had a documented screening policy. As to what kind of reports employers are requesting, 93% of all who requested a background screen included national criminal database, with 85% requesting statewide/county/regional/local source, for some or all candidates.

New non-criminal elements have become essential in our day and age. Tax return verifications, credit reports, professional license verification and most importantly social media screening are non-criminal elements that can be added to a consumer report.

Requiring and conducting a social media screen lowers the potential risk for lack of cultural fit high turnover. Toxic employees with mental issues which can damage the integrity of the business. Risky behavior including alcohol and drug abuse which, if you are a property manager, can turn into a costly and time-consuming eviction process.

Businesses and property managers alike have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of all with whom they do business with.  Many studies have shown that the amount of social media usage increases anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and acts of violence.  Taking this into consideration with the massive increase in social media use today, it has greatly impacted all types of companies.  Businesses of all kinds should immediately consider adding social media screening for all their personnel to better shield themselves from liabilities.

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