Student Housing Tenant Screening Saves Effort and Money

Everyone knows the cliches about college students and parties off-campus. Though it may seem like a dream come true for the student, it’s a nightmare in the making for the landlord. This is why it is very important to let Acutraq screen potential students who would like to become residents in your property. 

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Though there are many applicants for each available off-campus apartment, there are often only a very few that are good quality applicants. Acutraq will help you to find the best possible tenant for your property. It is becoming increasingly difficult to rent student housing because it’s in such high demand. This means that people are willing to go to great lengths to appear to be the best applicant, while not being the best. It is in the property owner’s best interests to leave the renting of student housing to the professionals.

Acutraq has many methods to determine whether or not a student is going to be a good fit for your property. First and foremost, is the applicant enrolled in college? It’s important that all important information that is gained on the rental application is accurate and current. Acutraq will verify that the applicant has the means to pay the rent, has no criminal background, and is a reputable person. Also, Acutraq saves you time. Once you enter into a rental agreement with the qualified applicant, they continue to monitor records. They will be able to send information directly to your  mobile phone when there is an available report about a background check, employment history, or credit history.  No longer are you responsible for making time to monitor references and applications, nor are you responsible for keeping track of so much personal information. Acutraq assumes these responsibilities for you so that you can attend to other matters.

Acutraq handles very personal and sensitive information. Therefore, there are strict hiring requirements. They are very conscious that they must guard such private information such as banking, employment, and credit information for all applicants. Identity theft is always a concern when hiring a vendor to perform such personal background checks.

Fortunately, you can now save time and money by hiring Acutraq to find you the best possible tenants for student housing. A clean and quiet residence is always preferred and will make others feel comfortable and safe. Your property will become a desirable place to live because it is regulated on who can live there.

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