The most accurate way to retrieve identity information is by Consent Based Social Verification, or CBSV. This method searches an individuals identity by verifying the applicants information with the Social Security Administration Master file and Death Index. This method requires a separate form during the time of hire and must be physically signed by the applicant in order to process. Below you’ll find some helpful information about why you should –

Consent Based Social Verification

  • Studies show an increasing number of applicants use fake or fraudulent identities that appear valid.
  • Despite Legaslation, perpetrators easily exploit system vulnerablities. Unless you are using CBSV!
  • The use of blended identifiers called, “Synthetic Identity Theft” will pass through your current process.
  • False, Manipulated, and Stolen Identities have polluted the credit industry
  • Identity thieves know current methods are flawed
  • Companies are exposed to potential damage and losses caused by identity thieves.

Consent Based Social Verification


  • CBSV mitigates the risk of fraud and identity theft by reducing negligent hires, wasted hours spent training, etc.
  • CBSV is 100% accurate when matching Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Death Indicator
  • CBSV is valid post-hire and should be run on all current employees to ensure you have an authorized workforce.
  • Consent Based Social Verification is the ONLY accurate method for verifying identity.
  • Click Here to see how user friendly the verification process is. SAMPLE REPORT

A google search reveals there are stolen identities ready and waiting for crooks to buy online. Credit Profiles Numbers, or CPN’s are sweeping their way across the country. A credit profile number is a number that is formatted to look like a Social Security Number (SSN),  and many times these are actual SSN’s that are stolen. The easiest way to use real SSN’s is to use a child’s or elderly person’s social security number. These have less activity and thieves can operate for longer periods of time without getting caught. A child that had their SSN stolen from the age of 10 to 15 will not find out until he/she turns 18 that their identity was used and their credit is wrecked. Contact us today for more information about how to conduct a Consent Based Social Verification on your new hires and existing personnel. Visit our Employment Screening Page for more information – Click Here.

Hiring new employees is a process filled with uncertainty, but thorough criminal searches can ease this concern. While anyone may think they can handle this without professional help, figuring out where to turn may prove to be rather overwhelming. There are a few good starting points to take advantage of out there, however.

An amateur screening is not going to be thorough enough for a discerning employer. People don?t advertise their rap sheets online, and someone who is not versed in the field isn?t even going to know where to start. Because of this, the most effective option is to seek out an experienced investigator that can get the job done quickly. A problematic hire can cost the business money and harm their reputation, especially if that person is placed in a position of significant responsibility.

There are several third party businesses that can aggregate information for an employer, and hiring a group of specialists skilled in this area is usually the best way to go. An amateur may be hit with information overload when looking around, or may miss an obvious lead. There is a reason why people in this field get paid well ? it?s because consolidating the right information is not as easy as it seems. A company that can handle the process efficiently is a valuable ally, indeed.

A better way to perform criminal searches is to get them through a state?s official background checking service. To do this properly, a professional needs to know everywhere the applicant has lived in recent years. Every state has their own organization to facilitate the check, and it will usually either be done through the state government or police.

Health test are becoming a common pre-employment screening procedure. Once used by only the FBI and for physically taxing careers, it is now being practiced by most employers. Just like companies require drug exams for potential employees, this type of screening insures an applicant is capable of handling the stresses of a job without putting co-workers at risk.

There are several varieties of health test an applicant can undergo. Depending on the job requirement and work environment, the evaluation can differ.  Some employers only ask for a medical history survey to be completed as part of the application process.  This attempts to categorize the applicants who are at risk. In addition to the wellness questionnaire, the most common assessment is a pre-employment physical examination. This can cover both bodily and mental functions. The physical frequently consists of a thorough check of the musculoskeletal system, a charting of the vital signs and a vision and hearing assessment. Further analysis may be required – for example, if there is a possibility of working with protective equipment, a pulmonary exam may be ordered.

This process is also used in the workplace after employment. Companies are starting to require employees to repeat the screening at regular intervals after being hired. This has nothing to do with the annual performance review, and is used to ensure how working conditions may be affecting physical and mental well-being. Upon receiving the results, a company is obligated to adjust working conditions to reduce the risk the job has on the employee?s health. By following this procedure, employers also reduce the cost of the coverage it pays toward medical insurance benefits. Overall, the goal of health test is to keep the company producing as efficiently as possible and to create a stable and safe work environment for the employee.

Any business that needs to run a background check should look no further than an employment screening company.   Due to the heavy volume on the internet, these companies are plentiful.  Reputable vendors will make sure all of the information provided is accurate and precise.  Valuable information like this will help prevent possible future legal issues for the business.

Pricing is another area that should be reviewed when contacting these vendors.  Many different organizations will offer various services ranging from social security verifications to criminal background checks. These services can all cost different amounts based on the individual needs of the potential customer.

Once a business decides on a vendor, they will be able to start the process of the background check.  A background form that needs to be signed by the applicant can then be given. Depending on the need, the business may check for any past addresses, verify past education and look for any past or current criminal records.  Credit records can also be checked for those applicants who may be hired for a financial position within the organization. These are only a few of the many services that this type of company can provide.

The background process can take several days, depending on where the applicant has lived in the past.  City, county and federal records are all checked for accuracy.  Social security verification is also checked to make sure the number is valid.

When hiring a reputable employment screening company, a business can rest assured that the data provided will be well researched.  A business can feel a sense of security knowing they have done their due diligence to find the best qualified candidate based on the pre hire screening process.