The key to a successful program regarding employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is to have clear policies. Carefully craft your policies and you will protect yourself, your company, your customers, and clients. Many businesses find that effective employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas help make their business stronger.

In deciding what to include in your drug screening policies, carefully consider all aspects and cover all your bases to protect both yourself and your employees. Consider these things in establishing (or updating) your employee drug screening in northwest Arkansas.

Policies should include information for the occasions that will require testing. For example, many businesses require screening before hiring, possibly randomly throughout employment, and under circumstances when there is cause for suspicion. These circumstances may include odd behavior, accidents on the job, or other times there may be a cause for testing for drugs.

To cover yourself, it may be best to test all employees. If only some employees need to be tested, it is essential to make it as non-biased as possible. For example, maybe only certain positions need to be tested, but it is important that all in those positions actually be tested.

For the most successful employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas, have your policies clearly written and presented to all potential and existing employees. Have each employee read the policy and sign a document showing they have received and understand the policy.

Be sure to include in your policies the consequences for employees who test positive for the presence of drugs or refusal to be screened. If termination is the only possible consequence, make sure employees know this before ever testing. It may even be a good idea to have them sign something before each test showing they understand the results of a “positive” test.

One of the most important issues to consider when making your policies for employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is confidentiality. Negligence in this area may be the quickest way to land your business on the losing end of any number of lawsuits. It is essential to provide the appropriate documentation for your employees to give consent to the testing lab to release the results to your business. Protect your employees’ results and handle any resulting disciplinary actions carefully and strictly by policy.

Having carefully designed policies for employee drug screening in northwest Arkansas can help your business flourish.

South Florida healthcare pre-employment screening
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South Florida Healthcare Pre-Employment Screening is essential to make sure you hire the best healthcare professionals. To get the complete picture of a healthcare professional’s experience, you must seek information from multiple sanctioning boards across all states. Screening any employee is important, but it is especially important to screen those who will be caring for the well-being of patients.

South Florida healthcare pre-employment screening is key for any healthcare provider in South Florida, but it is also important for any healthcare provider in any location. It is important to screen not just those employees who will have direct contact and perform care for patients. Every employee in a medical office often has access to medical records, financial information, and more. It will protect your patients and your practice to hire wisely.

In conducting your background checks, you must always be FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant. It is also important to make sure your other employees and patients are not exposed to criminals or unsanctioned or unqualified employees. Always conduct your South Florida healthcare pre-employment screening to ensure the highest quality employees for the highest quality patient care.

There is more access now than ever to information regarding a persons background and people want to know,  “What does a county court criminal search include and why is this the best source for criminal information?”

County Court and District Criminal Records can include: County Courthouse
– Felonies
– Misdemeanors
– Petty Misdemeanors
– The county courts also handle many types of civil cases

County Court and District Criminal Records Will Not Include:
– Municipal Criminal Records (city)
– State Criminal Records
– Federal Criminal Records
– Driving Records (traffic violations, etc.)

Often times District Courts have jurisdiction over Felony cases but in some cases can share jurisdiction with the county courts. In most cases county courts have jurisdiction over “Class A” and “Class B” misdemeanors with some offenses that do involve jail time.

The reason county and district criminal records are the most accurate is because the final disposition (verdict of charge) is reflected on the county court record. Many times a criminal record will be scraped from the internet and stored in a database after a person is arrested. This charge may take months or even years before the case is closed and has a final verdict, which can be Guilty, Not Guilty, dismissed, etc.

What happens most of the time is after the judge has made a decision, the criminal record may never be updated on the national database. This means even if a case is thrown out a potential landlord or employer may still see the criminal charge, upon investigating the criminal charge at the county level, the final verdict will let them know if the case was a conviction or not.

There are many national databases, some are better than others about making sure they receive the updates when they are made available. Regardless of which national database is used, when hiring employees always confirm any criminal records found at the county court or district level. This will help ensure accuracy and compliance.


The number one question we receive when speaking with applicants is,“How can I get my past criminal history off my record?”. This comes up in a number of different scenarios, most often when applying for a job or an apartment. Whether it is renting a house or volunteering at church, most places will conduct a criminal check before you are allowed to qualify. 

Can I completely remove criminal history from my record? The short answer is NO

The reason is because many large databases called a “National Criminal Database” or a  “Multistate Criminal Database” may store or save information prior to the final disposition (result of each charge). There are a wide variety of these databases available on the internet, most are outdated and can put many workplaces and communities at risk. The outdated information these criminal databases provide are one of the main reasons employers are held to a different standard than a landlord. Employers are suppose to use the most accurate information available to make their decision, this is found at the court house in the county the offense happened. Landlords can use a national database solely for their decision.

Can I get my criminal history expunged, or sealed at the County Court Level ? YES  *this may not reflect on the national databases

Upon qualifying and receiving an expungment or sealed criminal record, you will need to keep proof of this readily available. In the event someone is able to find your criminal history, proof of the revised disposition will be needed.

This means if an employer finds criminal history on the national database, and the county court disposition shows it to be expunged or sealed, they must act like the criminal record never existed when making their hiring or promotion decision. When using an outside background screening company like ACUTRAQ, the employer would never see an expunged or sealed criminal record making it more fair for the applicant.




Background Verified by ACUTRAQ

Most people think background screening is easy, but in reality there is so much information out there it’s hard for Pet Sitters to  know what they can legally use and where to find the proper information when conducting a background check.

There are a number of places to get criminal history. If someone had a bottomless budget for background checks we would recommend they run all the counties lived and worked for 7 years, a Federal Search, State Criminal Search, Municipal/District Search, and a Multistate Criminal search. That would be the best case scenario. But very few companies have the budget to spend $100+ on each background check. Criminal history being split up between all these different courts is why it’s hard to conduct background checks properly.

The other thing we take into consideration is that each state and county operate a little different, below are some explanations of each division:

The Municipal Courts are responsible for misdemeanor traffic, parking and some criminal offenses; as well as code violations for health, fire, animal, and zoning violations.

The County Courts commonly prosecute misdemeanors and felonies. County records will hold the final disposition in which the judge signed off on. This tells us if the record is sealed, expunged, dismissed, or if it was an actual conviction.  Some counties throughout the United States also have a “County Court Access Fee”. Other companies typically mark this fee up, ACUTRAQ does not, we simply pass this fee through at the price we are charged.

Federal Courts typically prosecute embezzlement and other white collar crimes, kidnapping, trafficking humans or drug trafficking across state lines, bank robberies, and an array of other crimes can be tried in federal court.

MultiState Databases typically try to extract data from county courts, but the databases are so large they can often have wrong or outdated information which is why it is crucial to verify any records from a multi state or “national” database before using that information for hiring or denying employment.

We keep your budget in mind and recommend packages that will help protect your livelihood in the event that an employee commits a crime or heinous act while working as a pet sitter. When negligent hiring suits come up they want to know what background check was conducted and if this person was deemed safe at the time of hire. By showing the proper amount of due diligence you can help protect your business and your clients.

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