A Health Test Is Useful To Any Company

Health test are becoming a common pre-employment screening procedure. Once used by only the FBI and for physically taxing careers, it is now being practiced by most employers. Just like companies require drug exams for potential employees, this type of screening insures an applicant is capable of handling the stresses of a job without putting co-workers at risk. […]

The Purpose Of Medical Testing Kits

What has traditionally been relegated to the professional laboratories, the use of medical testing kits for small and large businesses alike who have a wide-spectrum of needs is slowly replacing the more timely and inefficient ways of the past. Since many of these types of products are all-inclusive, companies have a wide variety of different options when choosing which is right for their hiring process. If only to keep tabs on the current illicit substances in one’s body, the manufacturers of these products have created many ways of procuring and reading the results of these types of setups, and are they are made to be as convenient as possible. […]

Advantages Of Personality Job Tests

Personality job tests are an effective method of employment screening, and they help to separate those who are incompatible with a position from those who are an excellent fit. The idea that some personalities are better suited to certain working conditions is widely accepted, and a lot of time can be saved if an individual can be flagged with a conflicting attitude or problematic character traits before they are hired. These assessments are presented as a questionnaire that requires the taker judge situations by agreeing or disagreeing with them. These occasionally are combined with questions that require a written response, explaining how the individual would react to certain scenarios. These questions try to establish the work ethic, as well as personality type, and may also ask about skills in order to gain a better understanding of what a potential employee can bring to the company. […]