Job Assessments And Tests For Pre-employment

Job assessments and tests are a widely utilized method for pre-employment screening. This evaluation tool allows employers to determine the presence of specific skills and compatibility. Whether the company is large or small, and despite the number of candidates after the open position, evaluations decrease the time and money involved by reducing the number of applicants moving on to the next phase of hiring. The American Management Association recently found that roughly 90% of employers using these examinations do not acquire employees missing the basic skills. As a result, pre-screened candidates will lower turnover and help overall employee morale. […]

The Purpose Of Medical Testing Kits

What has traditionally been relegated to the professional laboratories, the use of medical testing kits for small and large businesses alike who have a wide-spectrum of needs is slowly replacing the more timely and inefficient ways of the past. Since many of these types of products are all-inclusive, companies have a wide variety of different options when choosing which is right for their hiring process. If only to keep tabs on the current illicit substances in one’s body, the manufacturers of these products have created many ways of procuring and reading the results of these types of setups, and are they are made to be as convenient as possible. […]