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If we said we could help you…would you let us?

We have a proven process that key NARPM Members have used for years.

There’s a reason they use us even if their software will not integrate, and there’s a reason they have less than 1% Eviction Rates.


NARPM Vendor since 2001 and A+ BBB Rating

Pricing, Overview, and Samples are listed below. It never hurts to give us a try and see if we are as good as they say we are. The value you will receive from us is unmatched. You and your owners both deserve the best protection from liabilities.

By charging the right application fee you can cover the cost of reports and still make revenue to cover your time spent processing applications. If you know you need a different process and you’ve been putting it off, my question is why?

Click Here – Easy to Read Sample Full Verification Report

Click Here – Demo of Custom Online Application with criteria signature options, upload options, and other optional features.

Click Here – Sign Up and Take Your Time Back. 

  • Ask if you qualify for further volume discountsclock-407101
  • Customizable Process – ask us how we can save you money.
  • Ask how to properly screen your management employees.

Remember, they have access to your company and represent what you have worked so hard to build. FYI – Tenant Screening is much different than employment screening. 

Premium Package (full verifications) $45.00

What does the premium package include for tenant applicants?

  1. Customer Support for You and Your Applicants.
  2. Custom Online Application Available (optional if needed)
  3. Transunion Credit Report with Vantage Score (standard credit score based on all three bureaus)
  4. National Eviction Report
  5. Criminal and Sex Offender History w/ OFAC – We review every criminal hit and only send back the information that pertains to your applicant. *(We will compare our database against anyone no questions asked)*
  6. Current Landlord Report (yes, we call the landlords)
  7. Previous Landlord Report
  8. Employment Verification (yes, we call the employer)
  9. We Have a Solution For “The Work Number” (ask us)
  10. Applicants Can Upload Documents – Identification, Pay Stubs, Pet Pictures, Vet Records, Etc.
  11. HUD Criminal Procedures – 

We have been in compliance with HUD Criminal guidelines before they had guidelines. Our clients are up to date and didn’t have to change a thing.

  • Ask yourself and your staff how much time you are spending tracking down verifications?
  • Or how much time is spent helping an elderly applicant apply, or an applicant who is not tech savvy?

We basically become your part time employee and free up valuable time for your office. See the references below, in the past they answered yes to the questions but have found our solutions to be efficient and necessary to their profitability.

Are you working too hard?

  • Are you tired of tracking down landlords for verifications?
  • Are you done trying to reach an applicants employer?
  • Are you overwhelmed with getting calls from applicants because they need a better way to apply?
  • Are you getting the quality of information you deserve?
  • Do you need a vendor you can count on to be there when needed?

What if I told you that you can have real customer service again for you and your applicants. I know it seems like a thing of the past now days but we still believe in customer service and live by it. When you call our office, we answer. To have that piece of mind is something most business owners have long forgotten.

Email Us Today – info@acutraq.com – For More Information About How We Can Help Streamline the Application and Screening Process.



These are just some of the areas that we specialize in to help make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Let us help, we are here “Because We Care”.

Ask These Reputible NARPM Members About Us:

Kevin Knight – Liberty Management

Betty Fletcher – Fletcher Property Management

Pete Neubig – Empire Industries

Rob Ferrier – 1st Class Property Mangement

James Alderson – Alderson Properties

(More references available upon request)

Call (479) 439-9174 or Request More Information Below

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