Tenant Screening Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tenant screening Fayetteville, Arkansas, is essential to ensuring the safety of your investment. Your tenant screening makes sure you have quality tenants in your property. What will tenant screening tell you?

  • Contact with previous landlords. Acutraq can contact current and previous landlords to verify the following information:
    • Rental history. We  can verify for you that the data on the application is accurate and that the tenant has a solid history of renting.
    • Payment history. We can also investigate to ensure that the tenant has a consistent and reliable payment history.
    • Resident status. By speaking to current and previous landlords, we can help you find out if there are any concerns with the current status of your potential tenant.
  • Employment verification. You never want a new tenant to move in without ensuring that the employment and income information reported on the application are correct.
  • Reference interviews. Acutraq can even contact the references listed by the applicant to interview them for information on the reference’s relationship with the potential tenant, length of time known, and character of the tenant.
  • Criminal search. We can perform a criminal search on your applicant.

    Tenant screening in Fayetteville, Arkansas
    Don’t fall victim to a bad tenant because you didn’t screen!
  • Sex offender registry search. We will search all 50 states for possible sex offenses by your potential tenant.
  • Online application. An online application helps make the process easier for you and for your applicants.
  • Renter’s insurance. Acutraq can offer renter’s insurance through a website that can get your tenants covered at lease signing. This protects you and them. There is even a tracking tool for landlords.
  • Decision recommendation. Tenant screening Fayetteville, Arkansas through Acutraq can even offer a decision recommendation. It truly will make your ob so much easier.

By using Acutraq’s tenant screening Fayetteville, Arkansas, you will save time and money. Your efforts can be spent on tending to your current tenants and attracting new tenants instead of screening potential tenants. Let us help with the tenant screening Fayetteville, Arkansas so you can focus on the things you do best.

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