Free Tenant Screening for Houston Real Estate Agents

We are now able to provide tenant screening for Houston real estate agents. Agents can now access Credit, Criminal, and Eviction data with no site inspection needed. This platform also includes a FREE website, no gimmicks and no strings attached.

ACUTRAQ is an HAR affiliate member.

YES! You read correctly!


  • Are you a real estate that is involved in property management or writing leases?HARLogo
  • Are needing a platform for you to manage the applications and background checks?
  • Are you tired of taking checks and money orders for the application fee?
  • Are you needing a website to advertise your business and vacancies?

We have the property management tools you deserve, time to make leasing easier.

FREE SIGN UPClick Here –  It cost nothing to set up a username and view the platform. No Credit Card Required to sign up.

ACUTRAQ has been helping landlords since 1998. We continue to be among the most innovative and top background screening companies. If there is a need, we create a solution.

We appreciate landlords that conduct business the right way. By using a reputable company like ACUTRAQ agents can ensure they are using a compliant process for background screening. In the past Houston real estate agents have not had access to these types of tools unless their broker provided some kind of tenant screening software. We are changing the game by allowing agents to access these tools along with the credit report. Access to credit reports normally requires a site inspection and 3 days of paperwork to be approved. We have came up with a process through Experian so agents can access credit reports without having to jump through the hoops required in the past.


  1. Sign Up and Log In for FREE
  2. Click the “Screening” menu tab
  3. Click “Invite Applicant”
  4. Check mark the services you want – “Online app”, “Credit”, “Criminal”, “Eviction”
  5. Enter the applicants name and email and click “Submit”

Upon doing that the applicant will receive an email in which they can pay for the background check and complete the background check request. If you using the free online application they will be prompted to fill in all required fields within the application. You can customize the application to suit your needs.

There are other features you have access to, we encourage you to play around and explore the options. The free website is simple and user friendly, we allow you to make updates as needed regarding rentals or specials.

For a full demo or technical assistance please feel free to contact us anytime by emailing or calling:



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