The Green Report

What is The Green Report?

The Green Report provides a detailed, property-specific list of real estate and home improvement incentives available to a property owner. It is designed to inform property owners of incentives they are eligible for and to assist them in applying to the incentives that help lower costs of the improvements / construction.

What are green energy incentives?

Green energy incentives (or green incentives) are financial rewards from the U.S. government, or a local utility company paid to property owners when they incorporate energy-efficient products into their home or commercial building renovation projects (and new construction projects for commercial buildings).

The incentives are paid out in various ways — tax credits, rebates, tax deductions, grants, subsidy programs and more in $20 billion in green incentives available every year.

Why has The Green Report been created?

As property owners become more aware of the potential cost savings associated with energy-efficient upgrades to their real property — and the financial assistance available to them — there is an increasing demand for easy access to information regarding green incentives. If you are interested in knowing which incentives you qualify for, follow the link and get your GREEN REPORT now.


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