top 5 reasons to use a background screening service

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Background Screening Service


Whenever a job becomes open, companies are smart to take the time to draft a well-defined job description for the help wanted ad they will post, and they are sure to weed through applications cautiously and interview candidates with care. Unfortunately, once they find a candidate that meets their initial criteria, companies often become lax when it comes to the background check – yet deciding who to hire is one of the most important and potentially risky decisions a business or organization can make. We at ACUTRAQ Background Screening, Inc. have some insights into why having a background screening service is essential for any company or organization operating today. 

Create a more secure and happy workplace 

Any time human beings are involved, there is the potential for certain risky behavior. A thorough background check will search records that can help identify character traits that will add to, or detract from, a more pleasant work environment. As an employer, what you want is to minimize potentially violent or turbulent behavior in your employees, while also finding people who will make positive contributions to the office. 

Reduce lawsuits and show due diligence 

A negligent hiring lawsuit can be extremely costly – both in terms of monetary impact and on a company’s reputation. A background screening service cannot only help reduce the chances of being on the receiving end of a lawsuit but will demonstrate due diligence in your hiring practices.  

Be compliant with federal or state regulations 

For all companies, being compliant with any federal, state, or other regulating body is essential, and it’s often up to the company to know what the regulations are. Not only do governmental bodies expect businesses to be compliant, but so do their clients. Knowing a business is following the rules and being thorough when it comes to the people it hires helps assure current and potential customers. 

Diminish the risk of theft 

According to a 2018 global study on occupational fraud and abuse, 40 percent of employees who steal from their work have experienced human-resource red flags before, and the theft of noncash property by employees jumped from 10.6 percent of business-theft cases in 2002, to an astounding 21 percent in 2018. Quality background screening can help employers rely less on intuition when making hiring decisions and more on concrete background information. 

Brand reputation 

Those companies who use a background screening service often can mitigate damaging behavior by a problem employee simply by helping to screen out potentially disruptive or undesirable candidates to begin with. It took you years to build your company’s good name. Don’t let one bad hire ruin your company’s brand reputation. 

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