What Starts Wrong, Ends Wrong

What’s Important

The most important part for employers when hiring personnel is to find the correct candidate for a job opening. The time investment has to be worthwhile, otherwise: time lost is money lost.
Making sure the person who will be interviewed is truly whom they claim they are should be top priority. This can include but not limited to education, work experience, certifications and criminal history. Following this process will facilitate a path to find any details which can have a harmful impact on the trust, safety, and bottom line of the company.
In any business, the cost of hiring someone without the proper screening procedure and as such, committing to a poorly informed decision, will ultimately be costly in more ways than one. A hire that has been in vain will mean more time invested in the rehiring and retraining of a new prospect; employee moral and the productivity the business delivers will also be impacted.

Negligent hiring

Negligent hiring is a technical legal term that means an employer can be held liable for hiring an employee which was understood to be a potential risk. It is estimated that one million dollars are paid every year in lawsuits due to negligent hiring which, once again, is harm done to the business where money and time is concerned.

Great News

The great news is that we live in a world where these circumstances can be avoided by following one simple process: background screening. It makes perfect sense from a business perspective that all hiring be done through a background check; allowing the business to focus on growth and not damage prevention.

Bottom line, background screening is a simple process, a smart business move and if followed, can be the best investment a business owner will ever make. ASK your ACUTRAQ team about ALL the products we have and start reaping the benefits of using us for Resident and Employment Background screening.

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