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ACUTRAQ was founded in 1998 for the purpose of helping landlords make an informed decision. We are a company that continues to provide the absolute best solutions for tenant screening. With 18 years experience and an A+ BBB Rating, we can guarantee that our experience will serve as a resource to you and your team. Our systems are among the most innovative available and the solutions we provide go much deeper than a standard background check.

What We Do and the Solutions We Provide?

We offer solutions that save time, money, and stress. Our criminal history reporting is the best available. Not only have we tested and compared our data against the top databases but our office also reviews every criminal hit to make sure we only return data that pertains to your applicant. ACUTRAQ’s clients save time by not having to sort through lengthy criminal reports with common names listed, we sort through that for you. This adds a level of accuracy that is unmatched in today’s tenant screening. We also know every applicant can be different, we provide high level support when your team needs help deciphering a criminal report. Just call, we will answer the phone and still believe in providing great customer service.

When using our online application we also provide support to applicants when needed, whether it’s an elderly individual or someone who is not tech savvy, we will make sure their application is entered quickly and efficiently to ensure you don’t miss out on a great tenant.

Why We Do It?

We take the extra steps because we make it our business to help our property managers maintain safe, prosperous environments. We believe every person and family deserve a safe place to live, free of sex offenders, violent offenders, etc; By taking the necessary steps to improve accuracy and reduce liability we know that we are making a difference.

ACUTRAQ's Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to provide our communities with the safest environment in which to live, work and play so every individual can obtain the most out of life.”

“Because we care”

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