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“To provide our communities with the safest environment in which to live, work, and play
so every individual can obtain the most out of life. We provide background screening
solutions and build ongoing relationships, while paying attention to detail. Dedicated to
delivering prompt, accurate, high quality and effective services on a consistent basis,
forever backed by our excellent customer service”

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Our History

While working for the credit bureau, Jeannie Baker realized a need for accurate data presented in a way that allows a landlord to make an intelligent and consistent decision that meets their needs while complying with the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FTC, CFPB, and all state and federal laws.

Jeannie has over 35 years experience in credit, collections, property management, real estate, and the background screening industry. She also holds her own broker’s license and understands the real estate industry to better serve the needs of property managers. Experience matters the most when you need it. In the background screening profession, every day is different, and every applicant is different.

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