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ACUTRAQ and New Vista Solutions, A Partnership to Benefit Property Owners & Managers

ACUTRAQ and New Vista Solutions have partnered to promote awareness of green energy incentives, and to offer access to incentive information that will benefit property owners and managers, and (commercial) tenants to capture cost-saving incentives.

What is The Green Report?

The Green Report is a comprehensive list of government-backed and utility-funded incentives available to property owners and managers when they construct, renovate or upgrade real property using energy-efficient, water-conserving and/or renewable products, materials or measures.

New Vista Solutions and IncentiFind created the Green Report. IncentiFind’s database houses hundreds of thousands of green incentives available to property owners and managers throughout  the U.S.A. A simple survey quickly identifies a list of incentives available in the project’s general area. The Green Report further refines this list to reveal and capture incentives specific to the project’s location, scope of work and asset type.

The Green Report is available to property owners and managers for purchase on the ACUTRAQ website.

What are Green Incentives?

Green incentives are government-backed or utility-funded financial incentives (tax credits, grants, rebates, fee waivers, bill credits) available to property owners and managers who include qualifying green energy upgrades in their property renovation and construction projects.

How does The Green Report benefit property owners and managers?

First — the obvious answer — you save money. There is a financial incentive for just about everything you can think of that will make your property more energy and water efficient.
Second — and not so obvious — utilizing green incentives can help pay for upgrades that mitigate property damage resulting from extreme heat, drought, and catastrophic flood and wind events so your building is more resilient against a natural disaster. You could also see lower insurance premiums. Studies have also shown that buildings with energy-efficient upgrades and lower operating costs can demand higher rents and tend to have higher occupancy rates.

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