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ACUTRAQ Background screening is proud to announce we are the newest Affiliate Partner. The feedback on this product has been amazing. Landlords and Property Managers have reported that nearly 30% of service animals are not truly service animals. This not only creates liabilities for the landlord or property manager, it also hurts the people that truly have and need service animals.

Why would an applicant lie about having a service animal?

  1. To get out of paying pet fee’s or pet rent.
  2. Because their animal is on a restricted breed list.
  3. Because they have an exotic pets, ferrets, snakes, etc.
  4. Applicant thinks the landlord or manager is dumb and doesn’t know the difference.

How does pet screening work?

When you sign up for pet screening, you are showing a higher level of due diligence to your community. Simply register for an account (free for landlords/management companies). Quickly set your colors and unique link, update your company profile, and add pet policies. This gives you a central location to store pet information, vet records, bite records, voiding offenses (not cleaning up), and much more. Applicants will be required to submit this information when applying for a lease.

You will be issued a unique link that can be customized to have your company name, such as:

Example of Current Client:

  1. Applicant will state if they do or do not have pets.
  2. Applicants with pets must register and pay $20 for the first pet, and $15 for additional pets.
  3. Landlord is able to view the pets profile and reduce liabilities.
    1. If that pet bites someone, you can show that proper due diligence was taken by the management company to prove that animal was safe with no bite records at the time of approval.
  4. If applicant has a service animal there is no charge. The applicant would simply create a free pet profile and upload vet records and animal information.




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