New User Agreement

  • Please list the name of the apartments you manage.
  • Supervisor/Manager will be emailed for approval.
    *Must be signed and returned by all users who are issued a username and password and approved by management.*   We must work together to protect the privacy of consumers. The following measures are designed to reduce unauthorized access of consumer credit reports. In accessing ACUTRAQ services, you agree to strictly follow these measures:
    • You must protect your ACUTRAQ USER ID and password so that you have access to this sensitive information. No one should ever have knowledge of your password but you. Do not post this information in any manner within your facility. If a person who knows the password leaves your company or no longer should have access due to a change in duties, the password should be changed immediately.
    • Do not share passwords with co-workers, friends, or family.
    • Do not discuss your ACUTRAQ USER ID and password by telephone with any caller, even if the caller claims to be an employee of ACUTRAQ.
    • After normal business hours, be sure to turn off and lock all devices or systems used to obtain report information
    • Secure hard copies and/or electronic files of consumer reports within your facility so that unauthorized persons cannot easily access the
    • Shred or destroy all hard copy consumer reports when no longer needed
    • Your company can access credit, and other report information only for the permissible purposes listed in the Permissible Purpose Information section of your membership application. You may not access your own report, nor should you or other employees access the report of a family member or friend unless it is in connection with a credit transaction or for the specific permissible purpose.
    • Do not send sensitive data through email, such as consumer’s SSN, account numbers, actual credit reports, etc. unless data is encrypted
    • If you see something compromised in the system, notify ACUTRAQ immediately and take necessary steps to ensure no other credit reports are accessed using the compromised system
    • Record Retention:. In keeping with the and FCRA, ACUTRAQ requires that you retain the credit application and, if applicable, a lease contract for a period of not less than 5 year When conducting an investigation, particularly following a consumer complaint that your company impermissibly accessed their credit report, ACUTRAQ will contact you and will request a copy of the original application signed by the consumer or, if applicable, a copy of the lease/employment contract.
    “Under Section 621 (a) (2) (A) of the FCRA, any person that violates any of the provisions of the FCRA may be liable for a civil penalty of not more than $2,500 per violation.”
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  • Signing this application (electronic or otherwise) indicates that new user has had the opportunity to review the Access Security Requirements listed below (and available upon request).
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