Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening solutions for landlords, property managers, and real estate agents help ensure the most qualified people occupy houses, condos, and apartments.

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Includes criminal history data records from various sources throughout the United States.


Volunteer Background Checks

Search court dockets for any civil litigation involving your volunteer in either upper & lower (Superior or Municipal) county courthouses.


Drug Testing

Order 10 panel instant drug screening cups and get your results in minutes. These cups can be kept on site for accidents, random, and pre-employment drug screening. Additionally, more thorough screenings can be performed at testing centers throughout the United States.


Personal Background Checks

Conduct a personal background screening on yourself before applying for a job or new residence. You should get a background report at least twice a year to dispute and verify any inaccuracies. Get your personal background check today!!! Clicking on the link below I want to know what's on my Personal Background Check!


Our New-Age Artificial Intelligence tool designed for large property management companies, single and multi-family companies, even small landlords. […]

Healthcare Pre-Employment Screening

Screening services for healthcare professionals.


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