The most accurate way to retrieve identity information is by Consent Based Social Verification, or CBSV. This method searches an individuals identity by verifying the applicants information with the Social Security Administration Master file and Death Index. This method requires a separate form during the time of hire and must be physically signed by the applicant in order to process. Below you’ll find some helpful information about why you should –

Consent Based Social Verification

  • Studies show an increasing number of applicants use fake or fraudulent identities that appear valid.
  • Despite Legaslation, perpetrators easily exploit system vulnerablities. Unless you are using CBSV!
  • The use of blended identifiers called, “Synthetic Identity Theft” will pass through your current process.
  • False, Manipulated, and Stolen Identities have polluted the credit industry
  • Identity thieves know current methods are flawed
  • Companies are exposed to potential damage and losses caused by identity thieves.

Consent Based Social Verification


  • CBSV mitigates the risk of fraud and identity theft by reducing negligent hires, wasted hours spent training, etc.
  • CBSV is 100% accurate when matching Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Death Indicator
  • CBSV is valid post-hire and should be run on all current employees to ensure you have an authorized workforce.
  • Consent Based Social Verification is the ONLY accurate method for verifying identity.
  • Click Here to see how user friendly the verification process is. SAMPLE REPORT

A google search reveals there are stolen identities ready and waiting for crooks to buy online. Credit Profiles Numbers, or CPN’s are sweeping their way across the country. A credit profile number is a number that is formatted to look like a Social Security Number (SSN),  and many times these are actual SSN’s that are stolen. The easiest way to use real SSN’s is to use a child’s or elderly person’s social security number. These have less activity and thieves can operate for longer periods of time without getting caught. A child that had their SSN stolen from the age of 10 to 15 will not find out until he/she turns 18 that their identity was used and their credit is wrecked. Contact us today for more information about how to conduct a Consent Based Social Verification on your new hires and existing personnel. Visit our Employment Screening Page for more information – Click Here.

Our Company Is Growing.. How Do We Manage All This??…

Applicant tracking systems can be of benefit to all types of companies. This is often referred to as an “ATS”. Whether your place of business is located in Arkansas, Texas, or any part of the United States, an ATS offers the most efficient way to keep track of your incoming applicants and outgoing employees. Every company, big or small, can save time by having a central location to monitor all aspects of the recruiting, hiring, and the dismissal process.

Manage everything in one central location

Applicant tracking systems offer a wide range of options such online applications, helping sort and store applications by date, position, state, etc; allow you to track the background check until it’s completion, manage payroll, and help you remain compliant with all state and federal laws. Most Applicant Tracking Systems integrate with third party vendors for an even broader range of services. This helps add more value and allows you to manage your daily operations all in one place.

Applicant Tracking Systems Update
ACUTRAQ – Providing updates for over 15 years!

Along with tracking applicants, payroll duties are one of the most important aspects of a good ATS. Employees care about 2 things, getting paid …. and getting paid on time. Smart business’s understand the need for a solid payroll management system.

Applicant tracking systems will streamline your recruiting and hiring processes. Cutting unnecessary distractions out of the equation will help you save money and be more efficient, and every business decision maker knows the importance of saving money, and as equally important, saving time.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to know more about this Applicant Tracking Systems. It can be a lot of information up front and understanding the how’s and why of everything can take some time. We are here to help and be your friend in the industry.

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The internet has created a wave of information that allows for individuals to search for almost anything, including your background. With so much information being readily available many people want to know, “Do I have to give consent for a background check to be ran on me?”.


Whether or not you give consent for someone to run your background will depend on who is running it.

For landlords and employers, the answer is YES. The consent form is the most important part of their process. By having you sign a consent form, they are able to use the information reported to them in their hiring or leasing decision. There are many laws and guidelines regarding background checks and depending on which state, or even city you are applying may have an effect on what the employer or landlord may be able to use in their hiring decision.

The other side of the spectrum that must be considered are individuals that have access to the internet. With access to the internet there are 100’s of websites that will allow anyone to search for another persons background. These websites are not reliable and will often report outdated or wrong information. These mostly consist of national databases,  social media, and other places where your personal information may be stored. The one thing that an individual will not be able to access is your credit report. Unfortunately when people search your public background (criminal history, social media) there is no record of that search, therefore you will never know they were searching your background. For example, when someone searches your credit profile, that person or organization is listed at the bottom of your credit report so you will know everyone that has searched for it. This type of confirmation does not exist when searching for criminal history or other personal information. That is why employers and landlords who will be making a decision based on your background, must have in writing that you consent to a background search before they can legally use that information.


employee-background-screeningIn a world where security is constantly in question, many organizations are choosing to run background checks on volunteers. It is a step that is necessary to protect the organization, the volunteers, and the recipients of their time and attention.

Protect the organization. Though a service organization, school district, church, or charity organization may only have great intentions of providing assistance to a group of people, sometimes things can go horribly wrong. By screening volunteers prior to them devoting their time, the organization can have peace of mind by knowing they are less likely to fall prey to any negligence claims or “bad press.” They will know and show others that safety is of top concern. The background checks will also help to ensure that the organization is in compliance with any state or federal guidelines. Volunteers should see the organization as more credible and responsible, thus providing a more desirable environment for volunteering than an organization that does not screen.

Protect the volunteers. Hopefully, knowing that all other volunteers are screened will give new volunteers peace of mind in knowing that they are in a safe place.

Protect the recipients of the benefits of the volunteers’ time and attention. Whether volunteers are helping to mentor students, devoting time to support cancer patients, working with children with special needs, assisting the elderly, or any other worthy cause, the recipients should be able to know that they are not in danger of being exposed to dangerous criminals or unsavory individuals who may take advantage of them.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where background checks are a necessity. Even those willing to volunteer time, money, or energy may not always have the best of motives. Background checks can assist in ensuring that all involved with an organization are as safe as possible.

It is a sad but undeniable truth that not all applicants are honest when it comes to their resumes. Some people choose to omit inconvenient facts so as to present themselves in a better light, while others will use blatant lies to pad out less than stellar histories. Examples include but are not limited to lies about either their education or their experience, failures to provide relevant information, and even refusals to inform businesses of criminal convictions. Continue reading