There Are Various Substance Test Methods

There are a variety of substance test methods available, but all rely on access to a biological sample like urine, blood, sweat or hair. There are five main categories of substances that are most commonly tested for, and they are cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine.  Although there are many other types of drugs that people use, these five have gained prominence because they are specifically mentioned in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) guidelines. Most drug assessments are capable of identifying all five so that just one sample can be used to identify the presence of multiple drugs. Companies that want to detect drugs that are not part of the SAMHSA 5 are still able to do so because there are a wide variety of substance test kits on the market. […]

Hair Drug Test

Several options exist on the market for accurate screening methods, yet the hair drug test remains one of the best options for a noninvasive and difficult to skew method. Its accuracy is what attracts interest from the corporate world, as follicle examinations have been recognized by the scientific community as effective enough to use for forensic evidence and in judicial hearings. It can expose the most dangerous substances like PCP, LSD and methamphetamine, along with more common drugs like alcohol and marijuana. […]

iCup Drug Test

There are certainly many options available to corporate employers in regards to screening kits; however the iCup drug test satisfies the best of both worlds with accuracy and ease of use. The package is all-encompassing, allowing the administrator to, without any special equipment or medical training, quickly and efficiently analyze the results of a prospective client just minutes after receiving the completed process. […]

How To Order a Drug Test Quickly and Easily

ACUTRAQ is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas; Houston, Texas; and many other locations. We provide drug testing nationwide and will find the solution to fit your needs. Today we will talk about how to easily conduct a drug screen if you are an employer. Studies show 75% of illicit drug users are employed, the accidents and cost that are associated with drugs in the workplace cost American Business?s nearly $81 Billion per year. By using pre-employment drug test and random drug test you can greatly reduce the number of accidents and liabilities within your company. […]