The most accurate way to retrieve identity information is by Consent Based Social Verification, or CBSV. This method searches an individuals identity by verifying the applicants information with the Social Security Administration Master file and Death Index. This method requires a separate form during the time of hire and must be physically signed by the applicant in order to process. Below you’ll find some helpful information about why you should –

Consent Based Social Verification

  • Studies show an increasing number of applicants use fake or fraudulent identities that appear valid.
  • Despite Legaslation, perpetrators easily exploit system vulnerablities. Unless you are using CBSV!
  • The use of blended identifiers called, “Synthetic Identity Theft” will pass through your current process.
  • False, Manipulated, and Stolen Identities have polluted the credit industry
  • Identity thieves know current methods are flawed
  • Companies are exposed to potential damage and losses caused by identity thieves.

Consent Based Social Verification


  • CBSV mitigates the risk of fraud and identity theft by reducing negligent hires, wasted hours spent training, etc.
  • CBSV is 100% accurate when matching Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Death Indicator
  • CBSV is valid post-hire and should be run on all current employees to ensure you have an authorized workforce.
  • Consent Based Social Verification is the ONLY accurate method for verifying identity.
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A google search reveals there are stolen identities ready and waiting for crooks to buy online. Credit Profiles Numbers, or CPN’s are sweeping their way across the country. A credit profile number is a number that is formatted to look like a Social Security Number (SSN),  and many times these are actual SSN’s that are stolen. The easiest way to use real SSN’s is to use a child’s or elderly person’s social security number. These have less activity and thieves can operate for longer periods of time without getting caught. A child that had their SSN stolen from the age of 10 to 15 will not find out until he/she turns 18 that their identity was used and their credit is wrecked. Contact us today for more information about how to conduct a Consent Based Social Verification on your new hires and existing personnel. Visit our Employment Screening Page for more information – Click Here.

Federal criminal records are often forgotten about. Many people think a national criminal search is a federal criminal search. This is simply not true as a federal criminal search comes from a different set of courts and will not be found by searching state, county, or national data bases.

The misconception is that federal criminal searches pertain to white collar crimes only. In reality federal courts cover many types of offenses that will not be tried under local or state laws. Crimes under federal blog postjurisdiction can include bank robbery, kidnapping, counterfeiting, embezzlement, tax evasion, trafficking illegal substances, humans, guns, and ect. across state lines and crimes that are committed on federal property.

A normal background check for employment will pull a county court search most of the time. Depending on the type of position a county criminal search may not be enough. Statistics show approximately five percent of criminal records are for federal crimes. When hiring employees employers not only have a moral obligation but also a legal obligation to provide and environment that is safe for co-workers and clients.

Federal criminal searches will be helpful when added to any background check. It should not be ran alone due to the narrow scope of certain districts. With over seven thousand courts in the U.S that maintain criminal records employers do not have the time to search every type of court in the country. With the help of a good CRA employers can quickly determine which courts should be researched for a specific applicant. When ran alone federal criminal searches cannot be seen as a thorough background check. They are best utilized when searched with county criminal offenses.

Most employers search the last seven years for criminal history, in some cases employers will search further back.

Our Company Is Growing.. How Do We Manage All This??…

Applicant tracking systems can be of benefit to all types of companies. This is often referred to as an “ATS”. Whether your place of business is located in Arkansas, Texas, or any part of the United States, an ATS offers the most efficient way to keep track of your incoming applicants and outgoing employees. Every company, big or small, can save time by having a central location to monitor all aspects of the recruiting, hiring, and the dismissal process.

Manage everything in one central location

Applicant tracking systems offer a wide range of options such online applications, helping sort and store applications by date, position, state, etc; allow you to track the background check until it’s completion, manage payroll, and help you remain compliant with all state and federal laws. Most Applicant Tracking Systems integrate with third party vendors for an even broader range of services. This helps add more value and allows you to manage your daily operations all in one place.

Applicant Tracking Systems Update
ACUTRAQ – Providing updates for over 15 years!

Along with tracking applicants, payroll duties are one of the most important aspects of a good ATS. Employees care about 2 things, getting paid …. and getting paid on time. Smart business’s understand the need for a solid payroll management system.

Applicant tracking systems will streamline your recruiting and hiring processes. Cutting unnecessary distractions out of the equation will help you save money and be more efficient, and every business decision maker knows the importance of saving money, and as equally important, saving time.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to know more about this Applicant Tracking Systems. It can be a lot of information up front and understanding the how’s and why of everything can take some time. We are here to help and be your friend in the industry.

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Wait….Who did you let in!?!?

If you manage a human resource department, or you currently own a business, you understand the need to know everything legally possible about potential employees; and Little Rock employee screens for in home technicians are just as important! Household employees and technicians that make house calls have access to EVERYTHING! Meaning your most important possessions, prescription medications, jewelry, and most important, your family. Always find out everything you can to ensure your family’s safety. Here are some things a background check can reveal about potential household employees; including housekeepers, nannies, gardeners, pet or house sitters, personal assistants, contractors, and more.

What should I Search For?

Who is in my house?
Who is in my house?
  • Criminal history – obviously, this is one of the most important things to consider when considering hiring someone to work in your home. You do not want your family or possessions to be in danger.
  • Sex offender search – Even though this could be included in criminal history, a separate search will ensure that a sexual offense does not go unnoticed.
  • Aliases and social history – find out any aliases the party has used, as well as where they have lived, past married names, and more. Career criminals know that by slightly changing their name or birthday they can potentially hide their criminal history. Many names like Bob/Robert; Kathy/Katherine; Jennifer/Jenny; etc; can be used as name variations to throw off the system if a Social Trace is not used.
  • Terrorist watch list – find out if anyone entering your home to work is on any terrorist watch lists.

These are just the basics of a Little Rock employee screens. The fact is criminal history can be retrieved many places such as City Records, County Records, State Records, Federal Records, and other places depending on the location and circumstance of the arrest and conviction. By using a company such as ACUTRAQ you can know how to use and where to access this type of information to get the best value for your money. More in depth checks can be arranged. Do not leave your safety and the safety of your family and possessions to chance.

Help..I Need More Info About This!

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South Florida healthcare pre-employment screening
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South Florida Healthcare Pre-Employment Screening is essential to make sure you hire the best healthcare professionals. To get the complete picture of a healthcare professional’s experience, you must seek information from multiple sanctioning boards across all states. Screening any employee is important, but it is especially important to screen those who will be caring for the well-being of patients.

South Florida healthcare pre-employment screening is key for any healthcare provider in South Florida, but it is also important for any healthcare provider in any location. It is important to screen not just those employees who will have direct contact and perform care for patients. Every employee in a medical office often has access to medical records, financial information, and more. It will protect your patients and your practice to hire wisely.

In conducting your background checks, you must always be FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant. It is also important to make sure your other employees and patients are not exposed to criminals or unsanctioned or unqualified employees. Always conduct your South Florida healthcare pre-employment screening to ensure the highest quality employees for the highest quality patient care.