Author: Olga Wharton – DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc.

Our pets are precious to us. They are our family members, best friends, exercise partners, and therapists. They teach us how to love unconditionally, and how to let things go. We can’t live without them. That’s why I love pet sitting and manage a professional pet sitting company.

I started DFW Pet Sitting Services in Dallas Fort Worth 15 years ago. I also launched Paw Valet Pet Sitting In Houston 3 years ago. We now employ total over 200 pet lovers who take care of our clients’ pets. 200 employees is a crazy number, right? How in the world do we manage them all? How do we know they will do a good job taking care of pets? Everyone seems nice during a job interview. Everyone loves pets. But simply loving pets isn’t enough to work for a professional pet sitting company. You must pass a background check.

DFW Pet Sitting Services has partnered up with ACUTRAQ Background Screening to screen each and every pet sitting candidate. It is a part of our brand that all our pet sitters have passed a background check. ACUTRAQ streamlines our process where the job candidates fill out a form and submit it directly to the background screening company.

ACUTRAQ is nationally known for its reliable service, timely delivery of the results, and 100% compliance with all the hiring laws. When I guarantee a pet sitter who passed a background check, I have to use a reputable company. My customers trust me. They leave their homes and their precious babies in our care.  Letting them down would be not only a liability but also an enormous emotional trauma to the pet owners. You feel violated when someone in your home breaks your trust. And you feel outraged when your pets’ well being is on the line.

ACUTRAQ services many different industries, but the pet sitting industry has a very special spot in their hearts. Jason Waggoner personally speaks with each and every business owner who is inquiring about their service. Their office staff is prompt, professional and very personal. You just love these guys! Their prices are very reasonable, but most importantly, their service is top notch. People do business with people they like, right? But when you also add reliability, efficiency, and quality, you truly hit a jackpot.

Your customers and their pets expect only the best from you. Do not take a shortcut. Treat your clients the way you would want to be treated. We use ACUTRAQ for both our pet sitting companies in Dallas and Houston, and will certainly continue using them as we grow and recommending them to everyone in the pet sitting industry.

 Author: Olga Wharton
DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc.

The most accurate way to retrieve identity information is by Consent Based Social Verification, or CBSV. This method searches an individuals identity by verifying the applicants information with the Social Security Administration Master file and Death Index. This method requires a separate form during the time of hire and must be physically signed by the applicant in order to process. Below you’ll find some helpful information about why you should –

Consent Based Social Verification

  • Studies show an increasing number of applicants use fake or fraudulent identities that appear valid.
  • Despite Legaslation, perpetrators easily exploit system vulnerablities. Unless you are using CBSV!
  • The use of blended identifiers called, “Synthetic Identity Theft” will pass through your current process.
  • False, Manipulated, and Stolen Identities have polluted the credit industry
  • Identity thieves know current methods are flawed
  • Companies are exposed to potential damage and losses caused by identity thieves.

Consent Based Social Verification


  • CBSV mitigates the risk of fraud and identity theft by reducing negligent hires, wasted hours spent training, etc.
  • CBSV is 100% accurate when matching Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Death Indicator
  • CBSV is valid post-hire and should be run on all current employees to ensure you have an authorized workforce.
  • Consent Based Social Verification is the ONLY accurate method for verifying identity.
  • Click Here to see how user friendly the verification process is. SAMPLE REPORT

A google search reveals there are stolen identities ready and waiting for crooks to buy online. Credit Profiles Numbers, or CPN’s are sweeping their way across the country. A credit profile number is a number that is formatted to look like a Social Security Number (SSN),  and many times these are actual SSN’s that are stolen. The easiest way to use real SSN’s is to use a child’s or elderly person’s social security number. These have less activity and thieves can operate for longer periods of time without getting caught. A child that had their SSN stolen from the age of 10 to 15 will not find out until he/she turns 18 that their identity was used and their credit is wrecked. Contact us today for more information about how to conduct a Consent Based Social Verification on your new hires and existing personnel. Visit our Employment Screening Page for more information – Click Here.

Federal criminal records are often forgotten about. Many people think a national criminal search is a federal criminal search. This is simply not true as a federal criminal search comes from a different set of courts and will not be found by searching state, county, or national data bases.

The misconception is that federal criminal searches pertain to white collar crimes only. In reality federal courts cover many types of offenses that will not be tried under local or state laws. Crimes under federal blog postjurisdiction can include bank robbery, kidnapping, counterfeiting, embezzlement, tax evasion, trafficking illegal substances, humans, guns, and ect. across state lines and crimes that are committed on federal property.

A normal background check for employment will pull a county court search most of the time. Depending on the type of position a county criminal search may not be enough. Statistics show approximately five percent of criminal records are for federal crimes. When hiring employees employers not only have a moral obligation but also a legal obligation to provide and environment that is safe for co-workers and clients.

Federal criminal searches will be helpful when added to any background check. It should not be ran alone due to the narrow scope of certain districts. With over seven thousand courts in the U.S that maintain criminal records employers do not have the time to search every type of court in the country. With the help of a good CRA employers can quickly determine which courts should be researched for a specific applicant. When ran alone federal criminal searches cannot be seen as a thorough background check. They are best utilized when searched with county criminal offenses.

Most employers search the last seven years for criminal history, in some cases employers will search further back.

Running an FBI background check in Little Rock or other area can be helpful, but your background check should really entail more than just the FBI background check. Unfortunately in our current system in the U.S., there is not enough communication between local, state, and federal authorities to have consistent records for arrests.

Because there are no central laws on reporting arrests and arrest warrants between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, the amount of information they share varies. This is especially true with fugitive records.

FBI Background Check in Little Rock
An FBI Background Check is not enough!

Many local and state agencies do not take the time to report arrest warrants for fugitives to federal agencies because they do not believe they have the manpower to pursue these fugitives into different areas.

Some fugitives are even able to obtain firearms due to background checks that do not produce results that accurately reflect their criminal history. For example, Deandra Smith was able to purchase four guns at local pawn shops here in Little Rock, even after facing charges in a shooting-related offense because his warrant wasn’t reported to state or federal authorities.

Some states do require local authorities to report arrests and warrants for arrests. Some states require state-level background checks for purchasing weapons. However, these aren’t necessarily the same states that require both. And most states do not require reporting to the federal authorities, so some fugitives could simply cross state lines and purchase a gun.

There are other concerns that can be involved in running only an FBI background check in Little Rock. If you are hiring new employees, you could be hiring someone with a fairly extensive criminal record and not even know it. Or you could be allowing a new tenant to move into your property and possibly endangering your property or, worse, your other tenants or yourself.

The safety of your business, your property, and others affected are important to consider. You must run more than just an FBI background check in Little Rock or any other area. This is just one detail to remember when running a background check on someone. You can cross reference residence history and run checks in each county and state of residence to get the most thorough picture of someone’s past. Or you can consult with ACUTRAQ to get the best and most thorough background check.

The key to a successful program regarding employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is to have clear policies. Carefully craft your policies and you will protect yourself, your company, your customers, and clients. Many businesses find that effective employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas help make their business stronger.

In deciding what to include in your drug screening policies, carefully consider all aspects and cover all your bases to protect both yourself and your employees. Consider these things in establishing (or updating) your employee drug screening in northwest Arkansas.

Policies should include information for the occasions that will require testing. For example, many businesses require screening before hiring, possibly randomly throughout employment, and under circumstances when there is cause for suspicion. These circumstances may include odd behavior, accidents on the job, or other times there may be a cause for testing for drugs.

To cover yourself, it may be best to test all employees. If only some employees need to be tested, it is essential to make it as non-biased as possible. For example, maybe only certain positions need to be tested, but it is important that all in those positions actually be tested.

For the most successful employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas, have your policies clearly written and presented to all potential and existing employees. Have each employee read the policy and sign a document showing they have received and understand the policy.

Be sure to include in your policies the consequences for employees who test positive for the presence of drugs or refusal to be screened. If termination is the only possible consequence, make sure employees know this before ever testing. It may even be a good idea to have them sign something before each test showing they understand the results of a “positive” test.

One of the most important issues to consider when making your policies for employee drug screening in Northwest Arkansas is confidentiality. Negligence in this area may be the quickest way to land your business on the losing end of any number of lawsuits. It is essential to provide the appropriate documentation for your employees to give consent to the testing lab to release the results to your business. Protect your employees’ results and handle any resulting disciplinary actions carefully and strictly by policy.

Having carefully designed policies for employee drug screening in northwest Arkansas can help your business flourish.