Author: Olga Wharton – DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc.

Our pets are precious to us. They are our family members, best friends, exercise partners, and therapists. They teach us how to love unconditionally, and how to let things go. We can’t live without them. That’s why I love pet sitting and manage a professional pet sitting company.

I started DFW Pet Sitting Services in Dallas Fort Worth 15 years ago. I also launched Paw Valet Pet Sitting In Houston 3 years ago. We now employ total over 200 pet lovers who take care of our clients’ pets. 200 employees is a crazy number, right? How in the world do we manage them all? How do we know they will do a good job taking care of pets? Everyone seems nice during a job interview. Everyone loves pets. But simply loving pets isn’t enough to work for a professional pet sitting company. You must pass a background check.

DFW Pet Sitting Services has partnered up with ACUTRAQ Background Screening to screen each and every pet sitting candidate. It is a part of our brand that all our pet sitters have passed a background check. ACUTRAQ streamlines our process where the job candidates fill out a form and submit it directly to the background screening company.

ACUTRAQ is nationally known for its reliable service, timely delivery of the results, and 100% compliance with all the hiring laws. When I guarantee a pet sitter who passed a background check, I have to use a reputable company. My customers trust me. They leave their homes and their precious babies in our care.  Letting them down would be not only a liability but also an enormous emotional trauma to the pet owners. You feel violated when someone in your home breaks your trust. And you feel outraged when your pets’ well being is on the line.

ACUTRAQ services many different industries, but the pet sitting industry has a very special spot in their hearts. Jason Waggoner personally speaks with each and every business owner who is inquiring about their service. Their office staff is prompt, professional and very personal. You just love these guys! Their prices are very reasonable, but most importantly, their service is top notch. People do business with people they like, right? But when you also add reliability, efficiency, and quality, you truly hit a jackpot.

Your customers and their pets expect only the best from you. Do not take a shortcut. Treat your clients the way you would want to be treated. We use ACUTRAQ for both our pet sitting companies in Dallas and Houston, and will certainly continue using them as we grow and recommending them to everyone in the pet sitting industry.

 Author: Olga Wharton
DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc.

Multifamily Tenant Screening and Lease Generation

Do you ever feel like there is too much to carry? The multifamily environment can be fast paced and requires long hours. Implementing the tools and resources that are available may help streamline many operations and save you hours of time.

For instance, if you are still using a paper application then your process is already too long. We understand in certain instances, elderly and non tech persons may feel more comfortable with a paper application. But for the most part everyone would rather fill out the application on their smartphone, tablet or computer. By having the application accessible applicants can apply, pay for the background check, and secure the home off the market much faster.

Our solutions also include the options for tenant screening and automatic lease generation. The process that took hours in the past, can be reduced to minutes, all managed in one central location. Our automatic lease generation uses your current lease. We upload your current lease into our system, plug in your information (you always have the option to make changes at any time), and auto fill the applicants information. Once you have approved the lease, it’s ready to print, and sign.

The full process is as follows:

  1. Applicant applies online and pays the application feemultifamily tenant screening and leasing
  2. Background Check is completed automatically
  3. Landlord receives application and background check
  4. Landlord Approves or Denies Applicant
  5. Upon approval landlords clicks, “Generate Lease”

The process has never been easier. With the technology we have today, your leasing process can be a great experience for applicants and managers.

Contact us today for more information regarding multifamily tenant screening and lease generation. Our packages include everything you will need to increase efficiency, and help you make a better decision when leasing.

Email us: [email protected]

Or call: 888-361-7036

Now Offering Multifamily Billing Services: CLICK HERE

State Criminal Reports vs Multistate Criminal Reports

We want to help educate you on the difference regarding State Criminal Reports vs Multistate Criminal Reports. The reality is you run the risk of missing a huge chunk of criminal data when running state reports for tenant screening. The cost is literally a few dollars more to run a multistate criminal report and you can reduce the liabilities tremendously.

The common misconception is that criminal history is tied to a persons social security number. This is not true, criminal history is only searched only by a persons name and date of birth. The reason we would need an applicants social security number is because that is how we get alias names. With criminal history being searched by name and date of birth people will try to hide criminal history under their alias names such as Kathy, Kat, Katy, etc., when in reality their criminal history would be listed under their birth name Katherine. Same goes for men, many names fall under the alias of someone such Rick, Ricky, Rich, etc. when the criminal history would actually be listed under Richard.

So you can see why it is important to run a multistate search, especially if your applicant has moved around. They may have criminal history in a different state, you would never know it by running the state they currently live in. If you would like more information about this, or information about how to change your package (for current clients) email us at: [email protected]

We hate to see landlords get taken advantage of by applicants who know how to work the system. We provide some of the most comprehensive reports available on the market today, but those tools can only help if you are educated about them and understand the difference. Contact us if there is anything we can do to help.  See below for more great information.

Why the disclaimer on background screening reports?


Why did someone else’s criminal record show up on my background report?

bad tenant blues

“Bad Tenant Blues”

Official Music Video

We want to say a huge thanks to Liberty Management Inc. (San Antonio) and everyone involved in the making of the ACUTRAQ “Bad Tenant Blues”. This has been a project we’ve talked about for 3 years and we are so happy to see it come to life. Enjoy!!

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Eliminate the burden of billing!

Our Multifamily Billing Services include:multifamily billing services

  • Water and Sewer
  • Cable TV
  • Parking
  • Storage
  • Trash
  • Pest Control
  • Association Fees


  • Do you want to increase revenue?
  • Are you paying utilities for your tenants?
  • Can you easily track water leaks?
  • Shouldn’t tenants be charged for what they use?
  • Would you like to increase revenue?

Property Owners & Managers find it hard to keep raising rental prices in a competitive market. This means it is crucial to look for other opportunities to increase revenue and cover the cost of utilities. For this reason we launched ACUTRAQ Multifamily Billing Services for Property Management Companies and Landlords. The quickest way to increase cash flow and add value to your property is implementing a billing service.

This will improve your property’s cap rate instantly. ACUTRAQ offers multifamily billing services to help cover the growing costs associated with managing Multifamily Apartments and HOA’s.

We’ve made it easier than ever to increase your bottom line.

The goal is to recapture the property’s monthly expenses; lowering the cost of business and increasing property value by providing renters with a fair and accurate invoice each month. It is a seemingly simple solution for such a hefty expenditure!

If you work with multifamily housing this is a great way to reduce cost and increase the bottom line. Make it fair for tenants by billing them for what they use.

To provide a solution we launched ACUTRAQ Billing Services.

Contact us today and we will be happy to walk you through the details. If this is something that will benefit your company we are here to help.