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acutraq-05Many people ask, with all the guidelines how can I know what information to use to use when conducting Pre-Employment background checks? The internet has opened up so many avenues that it can be hard to understand what is legal to do and what is not. You can be assured that when it comes to employment screening, many companies have lost negligent hiring lawsuits because they thought a quick, $2 internet criminal search was compliant for employment screening.
When placing your trust in a background screening company, you want to make sure they are reputable and stand behind their information. The guidelines placed in the FCRA are there to protect to the employers and applicants.
When conducted properly companies can reduce liabilities and negligent hiring lawsuits regarding the application and background screening process.

Since 1998 smart companies trust ACUTRAQ to deliver cost effective screening solutions.

It is our goal to help employers understand how to properly run background checks and stay in compliance with all state and federal guidelines.

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Multi State Criminal Search:

Includes criminal history data records from various sources throughout the United States. These sources can include county courts, department of corrections, most wanted, and much more.

50 State Sex Offender Registry:

Search includes current and historical sex offender registration records from 50 state plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Pre-Employment Credit Report:

Loan and credit card payment history, credit inquiries, public records including bankruptcies, liens and judgments, child support obligations, and much more.

County Criminal Search:

County criminal records are retrieved by hand by our nationwide network of experienced court researchers. The county criminal records search reports felony and misdemeanor convictions. County Level Searches help comply with FCRA regulations regarding accuracy. This is the most accurate way to conduct a background check and verify criminal records.

Statewide Criminal Search:

Statewide searches are available in over forty states. Our instant Statewide Criminal Database directly searches statewide record repositories for felony & misdemeanors. Statewide Searches can also include the Fugitive List, Office of Thrift Supervision, INTERPOL Most Wanted, P.R.I.O.R.S and Denied Person(s)List. Information sources will vary for each State.

Federal Criminal Search:

Retrieves information directly from the Federal District Court repository and identifies criminal convictions on federal charges.

Municipal Offense Search (City):

These can be Disorderly Persons Offenses, Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses, violations of Municipal Ordinances and, in certain circumstances, Fourth Degree Indictable Offenses.

Online Applications:

Allows applicants to complete application via web. Customized for any type of Business, Rental Property, or Volunteer Organization. Application is customized to fit your needs. Once application is complete the background check can be prompted automatically or upon your approval. CLICK HERE to see a sample application.

5 Panel and 10 Panel Drug Testing:

Partnered with Lab Corp and Quest to provide urine analysis substance abuse screening
CLICK HERE For more information about the ordering process and what is included.

Instant Drug Testing Cups:

5 panel and/or 10panel instant drug screening cups. Results in minutes. Kept on site for accidents, random, and pre-employment drug screening. Save time and money!

Social Trace:

Past and present addresses and possible aliases, maiden, and past married names used. This search establishes the time frame of when the social security number (SSN) was issued and put into use. The SSN Trace shows whether the social security number (SSN) is valid, and state of issue.(searches by applicants SSN#)

Consent Based Social Validation (CBSV):

This verification searches the actual SSN Administration to verify whether the SSN holder’s name and Social Security Number (SSN) combination match SSA’s
records. “Yes” or “No” verification indicating that the submission either matches or does not match our records. If records show that SSN holder is deceased, CBSV returns a death indicator. *This is the most accurate way to verify identity.

Motor Vehicle Reports – aka Driving Record:

Statewide driving records, including Commercial Driver’s License status (CDL) for at least 3 years, often times up to 7 years.(Most States Instant)

Employment Verification:

3 years verified of employment verified. We contact your candidate’s past and present employers to verify resume or work history. Our employment verification service will verify dates of employment, job title, job location, and may include salary history, job performance, eligibility for rehire, attendance, productivity, and reasons for leaving.

License Verification:

Verify your candidates credentials, including professional licenses, certifications or any other designation you\\\’d like us to verify.

Education Verification:

*Helpful Hint – Applicants will often LIE about their education.
We verify your candidate’s educational degrees and certificates or enrollment from all universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools, and high schools across the United States and Internationally. Our education verification service confirms your candidate\\\’s type of degree or certificate, graduation date, attendance dates, and any graduating honors.

OFAC – Office of Foreign Assets Control:

Watch list that includes known terrorist, terrorist supporters, international narcotics traffickers and those engaged in other activities related to terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Healthcare Sanctions/Exclusions

Search of Federal Sources which include the Office of Inspector General, GSA , Tricare, DEA, FDA, and DEA to name the most recognized. Includes state exclusion lists from the 18 states that have an exclusion list and a total search containing all of the data published from Federal and State sources.

County Civil Records

Search court dockets for any civil litigation involving your candidate in either upper & lower(Superior or Municipal) county courthouses.

People Searches

Searches a network of resources to find information and help locate an individual.


Internet-based program run by the United States Government that compares information regarding an employment applicant. If the information matches, that employee is eligible to work in the United States. Mismatches require further investigation.
*Note – For employment screening positive hits on Multi State Criminal Search must be verified at the county in which offense occurred before ACUTRAQ will issue the report to employer.

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Our Available Services

Tenant Credit Report

A tenant background screening credit report, furnished by a Trans Union, offers a look at a prospective tenant’s credit history. It comes with a FICO score, credit summary, financial summary, public records, credit history, prior inquiries and remarks. If they are not paying their utilities, and other important debts, they probably will not pay rent. This is a crucial component of the tenant background screening process.

National Criminal Background Screening Search

Multi-jurisdictional criminal databases are a must in the tenant screening process. A national background check is an investigation into a person’s identity and past. Unlike local background checks, the national background check focuses on investigating details of a person’s life throughout most of the entire country.

Expanding the scope of a background screening search to include national criminal databases (often called multi-state or multi-jurisdictional criminal databases) benefits the landlord with one more layer of due diligence in the screening process. An applicant could vacation or visit another state other than the ones they live in and commit a crime. The National Criminal Background search is an inexpensive way to reveal those criminals who are trying to hide their crimes in other states.

National Criminal Background searches include criminal history data records from over 1,000 counties and department of corrections nationwide plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. We search over 375 million records, and have the largest criminal database available.

Turnaround Time

When you pull with the online service, you receive instant turnaround.

National Criminal Background Search

National Criminal Background searches include criminal history data records from over 1,000 counties and department of corrections nationwide plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. We search over 360 million records. The largest criminal database available.

National Criminal Background Search Plus

When the National Criminal Background Search is combined with our National Sex Offender Search and a fourteen source anti-terrorism and national security database, the result is the most comprehensive multi-source criminal database available to employers today. National Criminal Background Search Plus includes over 360 million criminal, sex offender and security threat records from an unequaled 320 data sources.

Turnaround Time

Instant turnaround when you pull with on-line service.

OFAC and USA Patriot Act Compliance and Due Diligence

In October of 2001, Federal legislation titled Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism, better known as the USA Patriot Act, was approved by Congress. The law was designed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, and also expanded the range of industries required to conduct such screenings under existing laws and programs.

Federal law specifies that all individuals and organizations within the United States are responsible for ensuring that they do not undertake business dealings with an individual or entity listed on the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons List.

Certain industries, including financial services, import/export and travel, have additional requirements. While the Patriot Act is Federal law, some states also have more restrictive requirements for certain types of businesses. ACUTRAQ recommends that employers check with their legal counsel or compliance officer to determine the appropriate level of screening for both new hires and existing employees.

Office of Foreign Asset Control Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC SDN)

The OFAC SDN list includes known terrorists, terrorist supporters, international narcotics traffickers and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. At a minimum, all employers in the United States are legally required to comply with the OFAC requirements by screening their employees against the SDN list.

National Sex Offender Background Search

Nationwide coverage to identify registered sex offenders

ACUTRAQ’s National Sex Offender Background Search instantly checks for sex offender registration in all 50 states* plus the District of Columbia, Guam & Puerto Rico. The National Sex Offender Background Search also includes offender photos for all sources. It is critical for organizations with employees or volunteers that come into contact with children, the elderly or any vulnerable group to limit contact with convicted sex offenders.

A differentiator of ACUTRAQ’s National Sex Offender Background Search is that prior registrations are not purged from our database (except when required by law or court order). When a registered sex offender moves to another state, the original state usually removes the individual from its registry. While laws require the offender to register in his or her new state of residence, this does not always happen. Therefore, a search of the previous and current state registries may not return any matches for the applicant. Since National Sex Offender Background Search includes historical registrations, a match may still be found!

Scope of Search

National Sex Offender Background Search includes current and historical sex offender registration records from 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam & Puerto Rico. New and updated records from each registry are added to the database on a monthly basis. Please note that the types of crimes that require registration vary by state. Therefore, not all individuals convicted of a sex crime in one state may be included in another state’s registry.

Turn-around Time and Legal Compliance

Instant turn around. In the event that a sex offender record is found, the report typically includes information about the crime that resulted in the sex offender registration, type of registration, length of registration and the agency that recorded the registration information. When available, a photo of the offender is also included.

*The Nevada Department of Public Safety is prohibiting the use of their public sex offender registry information for commercial purposes and any distribution for business purposes will be prosecuted under the law. We are extremely disappointed that the Nevada Department of Public Safety is, in our opinion, taking a stance that may actually harm both the public and employers. Based on the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s policy, ACUTRAQ is no longer able to provide records from the Nevada Sex Offender Registry as part of our Sex Offender Search and National Criminal Search database searches. Please also be advised that Nevada Revised Statutes 179B.270 also restricts the use of sex offender registration information obtained from the registry and imposes a penalty of $25,000 for violations. We encourage you to seek the advice of your legal counsel before searching the registry directly and/or using registry information in conjunction with any adverse decision. If you so choose, the registry may be accessed directly at http://www.nvsexoffenders.gov/Search.aspx

Social Security Address/Alias Trace

ACUTRAQ’S Social Security Trace assists in detecting identity theft. The information contained includes name the social security number was issued to, alias names, state the social security number was issued from, and addresses used in the past 10 years.

This information, which may not have been disclosed by the applicant, is a useful research tool to identify additional names and counties for criminal research. ACUTRAQ strongly recommends that a criminal search be conducted in each county of previous residence during the past seven years.

Criminal Watch List Search

By identifying criminal misconduct of employees, Criminal Watch List search helps your clients create a safer work environment and improve business performance. Criminal Watch List search regularly scans nationwide criminal databases and delivers notifications when criminal records are found. With Criminal Watch List search, your clients can easily stay informed of employees’ criminal history. Frequently overlooked, this post-hire screening tool is critical to fully manage the risks associated with workplace theft and violence. Criminal Watch List search works in conjunction with our criminal background screening services.

Tenant Eviction Search

Eviction background screening searches are provided by state. Court records are searched for eviction data.

Turnaround Time

Some states are instant searches and others may take as long as 24-48 hours.

Renter's Insurance

ACUTRAQ provides a website for an electronic enrollment option that enables new residents to quickly and easily enroll right at lease signing.

ACUTRAQ’s solution will allow you to meet your renter’s insurance goals and increase profitability by decreasing losses due to resident negligence.

Simple Enrollment Process for Residents
Tracking & Monitoring Tool for Landlords
Integrated Solution
Superior Rating

Previous/Current Landlord Verification

ACUTRAQ’S tenant background screening specialist will contact the applicant’s current and/or previous landlord to verify rental history, payment history, resident status, etc.

Employment Screening Verification

ACUTRAQ’S employment verification specialist will contact the employer to verify information reported by the employee on a job application or resume. The report will contain dates of employment, last position held and eligibility for rehire.

Tenant Screening Verification Services

Current/Previous Landlord Verification

ACUTRAQ’s tenant background screening specialist will contact the applicant’s current and/or previous landlord to verify rental history, payment history, resident status, etc. This saves the manager’s time and allows them spend their efforts collecting rents and providing better customer service to current tenants.

Employment History Verification

ACUTRAQ’s employment verification specialist will contact the employer to verify information reported by the applicant on the rental application. The report contains dates of employment, position held and income amount (when available). This saves the manager’s time and allows them spend their efforts collecting rents and providing better customer service to current tenants.

Reference Interviews

ACUTRAQ will contact the references provided by the applicant. A verification specialist will ask questions pertaining to the reference’s relationship with the applicant, length of time known and overall character of the applicant.


Check for identity theft ‘ has a criminal impersonated you
Reduce worry before applying for a new job – review what employers may see during a background check
Guard against incorrect or old information being reported about you by courts or government agencies

Personal Background Checks

Search over 360 million + criminal records for your own background check or check someone you know. No Setup fee, no monthly fees!